Sabrina compared to Peyton

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  1. Morning Ladies!! Was curious if someone could tell me how the large and small Sabrina compare in size to the Peyton? I picked up a FP Peyton at the outlets this weekend, but am not loving it yet and really want a Sabrina, but I am trying to guage the size of each.

    THANKS in Advance!
  2. Large Sabrina is my choice for sure - I don't do well with the multiple compartments.
  3. I don't mind the compartments, but not loving the boxy feel of it....
  4. i have 2 sabrinas and LOVE them (large ones) i had a FP white peyton and it was so gorgeous but i agree w/ the boxiness.. i returned it yesterday.
  5. I had a small Sabrina a while back but sold it because of it being TOO small. It is roomy, yes.. but quite a bit smaller than the large and the opening of the bag was tiny. I would always scrape my hand across the zipper getting in and out of the bag. If you like bigger bags but want to lose the boxy feel of the Peyton, I think you would LOVE the large Sabrina.
  6. I think the Peytons are incredible bags, and I wish they would work for me!! I find them too large and heavy...those are my only issues...sigh.
  7. I love the large Sabrina. I really wanted to like the Peyton, but it was way too big for me. When I tried it on at the store I felt like I was carrying a small piece of carry-on luggage. It is a beautiful bag though, just not the right one for me. I love the Sabrina though, which I guess that's why I have 6 of them--4 large and 2 small!