Sabotaging myself sold a favorite and big time regret it!

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  1. In a fit of cleaning out "extras" late last winter, I sold my favorite Large Brooke in Eggplant. I dearly loved that bag and the satin lining was so soft. It draped perfectly and was such a good size. But I had just got my HG gathered purple and thought, why need 2 purple!? Fast forward to now with the start of fall, I miss my Brooke! :cry:

    I'm putting in a good effort to replace it, set up an eBay search, scouring Craigslist, but all that are out there are the smalls, not the elusive large.

    Anyone else want to commiserate in what they've sold and really regret? This was my first really big sale mistake. Would help to know I have company.
  2. I totally understand! I'm so sorry you're sad! I have sold or given away so many bags that I regret today. I sold a pink Coach legacy years ago that I have never seen anywhere! It must have been a rare bag. :sad: Then, I sold a small Louis Vuitton for like $50! Louis Vuitton isn't in my budget so that bag is forever gone. It's so depressing. But I can't possibly save everything and keep shopping so what can I do. I'll make mistakes along the way. We all do! Did I make you feel better?!
  3. Yes! Thank you, my husband thinks I'm crazy and says if he sees eggplant in google search again he may scream!
  4. I tend to give away my old bags, so it's kind of hard to say I "regret" it, but I definitely have had a couple that I wish I had thought about a little more before giving them away. Like you, I have a bag I am now trying to replace because I let it go! Darn it! I hope you have good luck in finding a replacement!
  5. Do you wanna be my friend? :lol: :P
  6. Good luck to you too!
  7. I had a Coach leather bag (don't know the name) that I now know had to be a delete. Softest leather, perfect size for me just beautiful!! But when I first liked Coach I liked only the ones with the C's all over it. So I got rid of it :sad: and have never seen it again. Still wish I had it but dumb me! Oh well live and learn but it's still a sore spot. Hope I made you feel better! :biggrin:
  8. I regret selling my very first Coach which was a Bleecker large flap hobo in british tan. I bought it on a whim and had no idea on how to take good care of a bag then. I used it for 2 years straight. The bottom was scuffed and the tattersal lining was dirty. Had I kept it, I could have rehabbed it now. I think I sold it for $80...ugh. But keep your eye out for one and it will turn up eventually.
  9. My first Coach was a 2002 cherry red leather slim duffle. Man I wish I still had that bag. I was getting heavily into LV when I sold it to a friend. Damn!
  10. Great thread - which Coach do you regret
    Selling or getting rid of most?

    The first one - Janice Legacy leather in black - bought approximately 2003 and consigned about two years ago. I regret it though at that point I
    Never used it! I think eventually I will downsize to that size again.
  11. I sold my black studded Kristin. Scored her at the outlet for $200, sold for $150. Didn't use her that often so I figured not too bad, right? WRONG! I so miss that bag! Even worse is that I kept the matching wallet, so whenever I use it, it's a sad reminder of my foolish mistake. Now I try to be extra careful when I part with something. I certainly feel your pain OP!
  12. I deeply regret selling my large chocolate brown Coach suade bag with the awesome strap. I know it went to someone who really wanted it; she must of thanked me 10x. That makes me feel a *little* bit better.
  13. That would hurt to be reminded like that. I keep looking at the pics I took of the brooke before I sold it. Apparently I'm into destructive behavior today LOL
  14. I regret selling my large black leather Brooke, so I completely understand!
  15. I regret giving all my Coach bags to Goodwill in the 80's. I can't even remember what styles they were.