Sable paddy...

  1. anybody know where i can find one? would i be able to order it from the chloe boutique if they dont have it in the store at the moment??? but i believe it's an '05 color. so what about the calcaire is it?? :shame:
  2. Sable is really rare. I do believe it is discontinued, along with Craie (which is a soft cream color with yellow undertones). Did you try ebay? I know you might not want to (I detest Ebay now) but it might be your only option.
  3. From the above Sand Paddy thread it seems that you might be able to get this from NAP.
  4. Sand is a new color and not the same as sable in 05..... there are similarities though.
  5. Yea I think you can only try to find sable from ebay, it's very rare :s
    But it's such a beautiful pink beige shade, good luck in finding one..!!:love:

    If you like pinkish shade bags you might also like craie / creme 05 (the one in my avatar), it also has slight pink undertone but not as much as sable. You can also try to find craie from ebay...?

    ....I was yesterday shopping with my boyfriend and in one boutique he showed me some baby pink boots and said "hey these have the same colour as your bag!!" - he was surprised when we compared them with my bag as my bag looked then like cream / ivory coloured. Then we went to dinner and I had my bag on it's own chair and boyfriend said "what the heck your bag looks now like pink...????" - so the craie looks different in different lightnings and my BF realized it yesterday! :lol:

    Creme for this fall 2006 is also called sand and it's more beigeish creme, no pink in it. The blanc (summer 2006) was like pure cream, the most whitest shade from these, I think?
    ..They're all gorgeous but different, you cannot go wrong with any of them :heart:
  6. I am also looking for this colour too, if anyone see's one around. Please let me know