Sable paddy, where can I get one?

  1. I had one and sold it and am now regretting it, though she went to a wonderful buyer :tup:

    anyone have any tips as to where I can find another :crybaby: Thank you!
  2. I think you are going to have a tough time finding another one now - its probably the rarest colour EVER!

    I had a sable and sold it because it didnt seem to work with my skin tone. Your best bet is to keep an eye on eBay.
  3. I know it's difficult to find...almost impossible. Maybe it just isn't meant to be LOL. Thanks for your input!
  4. I have a beautiful sable thanks to a wonderful tpfer (I won't say who) and I feel so lucky to get her. I have had a search on eBay for months and unfortunately when one does show up the owner doesn't know the color name and you just have to take a chance. Which is how I wound up with the two craies (thinking one was sable) before I finally got her. Keep watching eBay and checking the Purse Forum.
  5. ReRe, can you post a pic of the sable? I am curious what that color is...
  6. Here is a picture bellacherie posted in another thread showing the sable next to the craie, its really hard to see the difference unless you see them next to each other. At some point I am going to take a picture of craie, blanc, mastic, vanilla and sable all next to each other, I think it will be great to see them side by side.Sable is on the left, craie on the right.
    chloe sable and craie.jpg
  7. YES PLEASE!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  8. Sable paddy pic
    chloe sable bella.jpg
  9. ReRe
    Do you have your entire paddy collection posted?? It must be amazing and I am SOOO jealous.

    Did you get the neo cabby?? I was somewhat behaved in Vegas although I did score an Edith wallet (on sale too!) and a great pair of cole haan boots for fall.

    I'm holding out until next month when I hope to convince my DH to get me the perle or anthracite nimbus... although I am thinking I might want a spy bag.

    If you haven't posted a family paddy pic please do! I'd love to drool over it.
  10. That sable is gorgeous. Were there at least two variations of the blanc color? I thought that there was a 2005 blanc and a 2007 blanc, but the 2007 one was whiter.
  11. Yes - i agree, the rarest gems do appear on eBay from time to time.
    Best of luck with finding one (again) Twinklette, i'm so sorry you let her go and then realised you still wanted her...i'm sure one will turn up!:heart:
  12. There was an 05 craie, an 06 blanc and an 07 blanc from what I remember. Tough there was also an 06 mastic which was similar.
  13. Whooooaaaa ReRe the leather on that Sable looks seriously ahhhhhhhhhhhmazing!!! Is it fabulous or what??? I am dying to find a Paddy with leather like that!
  14. Good eye rinstar311: of all of my paddies, the sable is the smooshiest. I had thought other of my 2005's were, but this one is the softest. I have a family picture posted but it isn't up to date, the vanilla, craie and sable are fairly new. I need to get a new one up.

    lilja:The 07 blanc is much whiter than the previous blancs. I'm suprised they even called it blanc, I would have picked another name because it is deceiving for those who were used to the 06.

    kmrosko: glad you survived Vegas. I would have lost my mind with all those handbag stores. Yes I did get the LV black neo cabby, its put away for Xmas. I've been so bad this year, I need to stop entirely. Its so hard though, I finally stopped browsing the dept store web sites, but then I come to my favorite place, the purse forum and all I see are sales, new bags, and I can't resis.
  15. Thanks ReRe and bellacherie. I am still learning about Chloe bags since I didn't discover them until about a year ago...and now I am hopelessly addicted!! I am looking forward to seeing ReRe's new pics of her extensive collection!!