Sable Clemence COLOR?

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm currently contemplating bidding on a sable clemence kelly on eBay. But I'm really not sure about this color. Can anyone please post pics if you own either a birkin or kelly in this color? Or perhaps explain in words what this color is?

    After looking at the seller's pictures and checking the color against our own TPF forum color chart, there's a huge difference. So if anyone can help me out here, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  2. HI grande latte! I am contemplating on that same kelly too (i think it's the same one you are referring). Although I have not seen it IRL but I believe it is TDF!
  3. here's a picture of a sable fjord birkin i bought for my MIL 2 months first glance, it may seem similar to gold but it is quite different and has more of a warm mustard-ey yellow hue. gold has more of a brown coloring to it.

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  4. I saw an accessory bag in togo or clemence at the store once, not too long ago. I'll describe it 2 different ways:

    : It's not a neutral tan shade. It's the dijon mustard family.....not bright...not muted...medium strenghth.
    Second: Sable is to jaune what potiron is to orange.....does that make sense...? does to me.

    Hope this helps. By the way...whatever it's worth....I love this color.
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  5. Great description.
    The beautiful Birkin posted above by PBC looks gold on my screen.
    Sable is a difficult color to photograph. If you can see it IRL in an Hermes leather book that would help. It is the same as "Sport" color in Buffalo.
    Beautiful color. Almost a summer spring color.
  6. In the CDL auction, the close up of the toggle is the most accurate of the color at least on my screen.
  7. I love sable....but I've only seen it in fjord.
  8. [​IMG]

    My sable clemence massai. Love the color. It works with almost everything I own.

  9. sable is actually (in real life) a light milky yellow
  10. LEE217 awesome! right on the money...............
  11. This was a color I contemplated as well but ultimately passed as it looked too yellow for me in certain light. Ask the seller for better pictures before you commit to a bid, Grande Latte. It's a beautiful color BTW!!!!
  12. It is indeed a beautiful color, IMO, but not a substitute for Hermes gold.
    I think it is a more striking color than gold, but not as neutral as gold.
    So, if you want a gold bag, hold out.

    PS It is much rarer than gold and seldom seen.
  13. OMG!!! This is so funny - I saw the Kelly in question last night and was going to post the same thread - I needed help with the color!

    Gga, your massai is gorgeous!!!:heart: But in your pics it looks like sable is closer to gold in color than yellow. Is that the case?
  14. ^ Look at the close up pic of the toggle. I think that is the best pic of the true color. I am speaking of the CDL Kelly, just saw that there are two on eBay.
  15. I have a clemence GAO in this color and it's beautiful but I don't think it's quite as versatile as gold.

    There's a picotin listed on ebay that shows the true color off a lot better then the Kelly auction. I would use those pics for reference.