Sable Anyone????!!!

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  1. I emailed the seller earlier today to ask what color it is, am waiting to hear back. Of course it will probably be gone before he/she replies.
  2. ^^^ Lol I was going to buy then ask....
  3. I pretty sure this is sable, because I remembered craie does not come in this style.
  4. Its necessary to have sable and craie isnt it? Ahhh I dying! Could I justify it??
  5. Bella, let me know what you decide to do, because if you're not getting it, I think I will... I have been looking for a sable or craie forever, but I don't want to grab it if you want it!:heart:
  6. I'm probably going to regret this but - YOU BUY IT - I need to sell the craie before I can justify this to my credit card.

    But I may waiver in about 5 mins - just so u know!
  7. Craie does not come in this style...

    Grab it~ is a great deal!!!
  8. So this is justifiably different to my craie then?
  9. Yes, I've seen sable and craie together IRL, is different... but just slightly different.
  10. OH NO - My finger took control and I clicked - then I closed the window (so as to stop the click midway) and IT DIDNT WORK.

    I'm so sorry kmsync! Please PM me if you were intending to buy it and I will try to fix.
  11. No worries, sweetie. It must not have been meant for me but meant for you! :heart:

    However, if you get it and don't love it, I have first dibs, OK?
  12. I honestly dont know what came over me - I was seriously going to let you have it, and I waited for a while and then my finger just clicked and then I was like "oh no", and I couldnt take it back.

    I will defintiely let you know what happens and will PM you if something arises.

    Apologies once again.
  13. Please do not apologize! Did the listing say "Private Auction for KMSNYC"? Nope, it didn't. :p

    You got an amazing deal, celebrate!:yahoo:

    And let me know if you spot another craie or sable for your pal.:heart:
  14. Please let us know when you get it and what you think. I don't remember seeing a shoulder strap like that on a Paddy, have I missed that? I have the craie and vanilla now, but still waiting for sable.