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  1. I've heard good things about but I have yet to really know if it's a "truely" good place to shop. :unsure:

    Anyone get anything from
  2. I heard mixed things... whenever it comes to online shopping I usually stick with what I know for sure. Hum... I wonder what other ladies know about it!
  3. I saw it posted at the ebay forums. I'd rather buy at a boutique...but I'm very much curious about sites like these.
  4. the ID card they show with their spy bag is very similar to, but not exactly like, the one that came with my wallet. it's my only fendi, so i don't have another real one to compare mine to to makes sure they're all exactly the same, and my other cards are at my parents' house, but i'm thinking save your money for the boutiques.

    some of the chanel caviar totes looked a little odd, too. the c's were too skinny or something. i dunno. you'd think if they were selling a bunch of real bags they'd hire a decent web designer to make their site on par with what they sell. looks like a cheap operation to me.
  5. I kinda thought some Dior bags looked weird. But if they're real bags (on the pic) who knows if they'll send you a real one?

    LOL There's nothing like the feeling of buying via boutique. Where you know it's real for sure.
  6. Well the tag for the red hardcore dior bag looks like its exact, I have the same bag.

    The fish saddle looks kind of weird though, it doesn't have the fish on the shoulder strap like the one the NY boutique sent me pics of. Maybe they made different versions or something, but just seems weird.
  7. LOL Yeah I saw that bag on the site too. The first thing that came to my head was your opening post Noriko. That was very cute! The bag is lovely too! :love:
  8. hehehe awwww :love: I wish that fish saddle was real, or maybe it is, but I wish I knew for sure it was real, I WANT IT! :biggrin: Its from a few seasons ago though :sad: No boutiques here have it.
  9. LOL I dunno even if I'm 100% sure it's authentic...places such as this one or anything like that...I'm still hesitant to buy.

    I guess unless it's a boutique or,, etc. that's when I'll lay out the $.

    But I'm thinking most of the unauthorized places online are shady of course.
  10. Yeah, thats whats holding me back from taking a chance with that fish saddle :sad: Its not worth risking a fake!
  11. I know I’m new in this forum but I’m old and experienced in the bag business. The bags on the website you are talking about look like very good and semi good replicas.

    My tip is that one should only by real bags on e-luxury or in a boutique that is authorised to sell authentic bags.
    And of course from friends you trust;)