Sabine's red bag sale - Bal, Chloe, Gucci, Dior

  1. Hello,

    Is this site authentic has anyone purchased anything from this site?

  2. Thanks cheetos.
  3. defintley authentic....
  4. I snapped up the Bal bowler...hooray!! :yahoo:I've been eyeing the Bowler for a while, but in blueberry - I just hope the rouge is not too bright for conservative little me!

    I called and talked to Sabine herself to place the order. She is SOOO wonderful. She gave me an extra $25 off for being a TPF member, and also upgraded my shipping to 3-day shipping for free so I could have it by the weekend. Amazing!

    What great service!!! I wanted to pass the word along in case anyone else is tempted by this sale. :graucho:
  5. I'm too late... Balenciaga bag sold out... :cry:
  6. SamSam1201: If you have something in mind that you are looking for, call Sabine (1-877-880-8425). She's very nice and extremely professional. Plus, she'll probably give you at TPF discount.
  7. Weird. I bought a Gucci bag from Sabine's boutique a while back, and when I got it it wasn't in very good condition, and didn't appear to be authentic. She refunded me with no problem and was very nice, but the bag just wasn't very good. It's nice to know she does sell authentic things, but I wonder how is she able to get them for those prices? And I also wonder what happened with the bag I got.
  8. Sorry to hear about your experience. I ordered a Balenciaga, and Sabine was nice enough to call me today to say that the shipment was a bit late, so she is going to upgrade my shipping. With Bal, she orders direct from Italy, so I'm sure my bag will be in brand new condition.
  9. What about that picture of the obviously fake Paddy? I understand when someone personally vouches for someone, but will they guarantee every bag? I would never take a chance on buying from someone who sells both real and fake bags. Also, that statement about ordering Balenciaga straight from Italy sounds like the classic faker Italian supplier story. What is the story? Sorry to be so skeptical, but you learn from experience.
  10. Why not PM her and ask her about the Paddy picture? Her login is in the thread I linked to above. Let us know what you hear!
  11. Since I'm neither promoting the merchant or buying there, why would I? Perhaps you can, if you wish to.
  12. rollergirl: Thanks for your vigilance in looking out for fellow tPF'ers.

    See post #7 by Rally midway down first page. Hope this gives some clarity. Perhaps Vlad can just restate for closure.

    EDIT: Just wanted to make clear that I don't support Rally's whole tirade; just wanted to point out the specific part of post #7 that refers back to Vlad's statements regarding Sabine's authenticity. I have no affiliation with Sabine. I just think it's a good thing to voice my support for small shops that do sell authentic merchandise.