sabine's boutique

  1. Friendly FYI: Sabrina's prices are much higher than the Outlets. But, it looks like a good place to pick up something you've missed. :yes:
  2. are you guys sure this is authentic?
  3. :yes:

    I know Sabine personally, she's legit!
  4. YAY! Thank you so much Vlad! Now I think I will actually purchase something from them (soon)...I'm really eyeing their Dior Flowers tote.
  5. Wow, everybody is having a sale... this is killing me!
  6. woow such a great site .. thanks for sharing
  7. Actually Sabine's prices are pretty good, specially with the extra discount coupons.
  8. This is good to know. She has several things I want.
  9. My husband ordered a red Gucci Bouvier Large leather Hobo Bag from Sabine's boutique over the phone. We had problems with the CC company at the time of the purchase. Throughout the whole fiasco, Sabine was very helpful and always there to help the transaction went smoothly. Her customer service was outstanding. She's always on top of everything and very prompt with her response. The best part of all was of course the Gucci bag. It's very lovely and I absolutely love it!!. The price was good too. I got the 10% discount too. I'd definitely recommend Sabine's boutique. Thanks Sabine. You're the best!!.
  10. does anybody know any discount code for her boutique by any chance?
  11. Hi diamond_lover, you can email sabine directly (i think it's on her site) and tell her you're a member of the board since sabine offers special discounts for members. She's also a member of the board so you can PM her too - she's known as Iwan on the board. ;)

    good luck!