sabines boutique?

  1. has anyone ever ordered from ? :confused1:
  2. Yup, I have. I spoke with her several times before I ordered mt bag. She was very freindly. Shipped it out right away and my bag was perfect! And authentic.
  3. yeah i've heard good reviews about that site... but i was wondering why the dior bags are so inexpensive? do you know if ALL of them are authentic? thanks for the feedback!
  4. my friend has bought a trotter from that site and it was auth. I dont think the deals are that good unless youre buying things you cant find via boutique, or outlet. for instance she has my limited edition off print saddle for 700+ and I got it from elux for ~$400. Also she has the (Blue Jean)
    Gaucho Petit Jean for over $600, and I got it at the boutique for less than $400. :shrugs: I think if you know what you like and keep your eyes open you can get good deals- i think sabines is over priced. but then again price is only in the eyes of the beholder- if you really want something its always worth the cost