SabbyNYC's Growing Collection

  1. Here are my fav bags. I have a few more mostly clutches that I forgot to include in the pictures.

    The vintage Dior doctors bag had an unfortunate accident with a friends venti latte. :sad:



  2. Love your Dior pieces, thanks for sharing!!:tup:
  3. great collection!
  4. Nice! I love the Noe and your green Gucci!
  5. thanks guys!
  6. So, just to clarify the not as well known bags:
    The funky ones up top right are betsey johnson bags, the two on the top left are Hugo Boss, and the little black on the right next to the two vintage Diors is a vintage Givenchy. The orange envelope is a tweed Escada with chain strap.

    I've just purchased my first Chanel, a vintage Jumbo xl flap, will post pics when it arrives!
  7. Very nice collection-
  8. Awesome collection ... love the noe, thanks for sharing!
  9. lovely~
  10. Love the Noe and vintage Dior!
  11. Very nice!
  12. Oh nice, a Vuitton Noe is one of the best basics from LV...