Sabas Here!!

  1. Just tracked the package from JChoo and it is here but I missed the Fedex guy. I am going to pick it up tonight and will post pics later tonight.
  2. ^^ fantastic news! :woohoo:can't wait to see it!:yes:
  3. Awesome!
    I'll be checking in to see your pics!
  4. Ok, let my start by saying my pics do nothing for this bag. First impression of the Saba is that it is a big gorgeous bag.

    At first glance it looks way bigger than the Ramona. But when I put it side by side with the Ramona, it isn’t because the Saba slouches in whereas the Ramon doesn't.

    First impression when wearing is that this is sooo comfy to wear. Sorta molds to your frame. Instead of handles, there is wide leather strap that folds over.

    Definitely a different look for Choo in my opinion.
  5. Wowie - Wow - Wow!!! Never believed in love at first sight until today...GORGEOUS!
  6. Well it's beautiful and sounds lucious!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  7. modeling pics! :popcorn:
  8. More
    saba_006.jpg saba_007.jpg saba_009.jpg saba_025.jpg sabas1.jpg
  9. Gotta take a break to give the dog his shot and then will post modeling pics of this bad boy.
  10. i love it!:love: it is really :supacool:!!! congrat to you lionlaw :yahoo:and wear her in great health!:flowers: the rings are really beautiful and add a great touch.:girlsigh:
    i can imagine it being super comfy to wear....can't wait to see it modeled....hope doggy is ok, needing a shot.:sad:
  11. Ok, I tried to take modeling pics but my bf is out of town and these really suck. Will post better in a couple of days once he gets back from UK.
    sabas7.jpg sabas6.jpg
  12. Thanks. My dog is fine, he is just a diabetic and on two insulin shots a day so I have to drop what I am doing to keep him on schedule.

    I really wanted to hate the bag because of the sticker price, but I think I love it.
  13. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
    Your bag is GORGEOUS!:yahoo::yahoo:
  14. aw, poor little guy, :sad:good thing he has a concerned mom that keeps him on schedule.;)

    i think it is lovely :love:and really looks great on happy! well done!:yes:
  15. Lionlaw:nuts: It is super luxe and amazingly stylish! I love it. Congratulations. I am really loving the whole vibe of the Saba. Very casual and glamorous. The suede looks sumptuous. This will be a fun one to wear. Enjoy!