Saba sighting!!

  1. So, is this the first celebrity sighting of the elusive Saba??? The chocolate is sold out online, and I'm assuming this is the LARGE!

    The photo is on and if you see it larger you can see the rings on the strap under her arm.

    Eva Mendes

  2. She is a tiny girl, but damn that bag is huge! I hope it is the large. You could carry a child in there...not that I would. Aren't the bracelets supposed to go in the front, so they show? What are those bracelets made of?
  3. They're some kind of gold metal, one really wide that says "Jimmy Choo", one hireshoe shaped and another smaller one. I saw the black suede IRL at the SF boutique when it first arrived.
  4. sorry, that's horseshoe shaped!
  5. Thanks, Belgians!
  6. I hate to ask this because I am liking the Saba -- but - does it look a little plain in everyday life (as in this picture)?? :push:
    I love the bracelets though - they look so:rolleyes:... confidently different.
  7. That Saba is one smokin hot bag!
  8. I looove the chocolate color! :heart:
  9. Ok - back to my senses!
  10. I have contacted Choo customer care, and Choo Chicago for the dimensions of the medium Saba. I have not been able to get that information from the net. I will post it in this thread when I do. Also, I added a few new threads to the Style library, including the Saba.
  11. Don't know specific #s but the UK SA I ordered mine from this morning said the large Saba was big like the Ramona and the medium was smaller like the Riki. Probably doesnt help much, sorry.
  12. Did she mean the Regular or XL Ramona?
  13. She was comparing it to a regular ramona
  14. Right...makes sense. Choo does that with styles, abi. They occasionally make a smaller version of a silhouette.

    Ramona > Riki
    Mahala > Maddy
    Malena L > Malena M
    Saba L > Saba M
  15. I just spoke to my SA in San Francisco and they have the med. size in brown right now at the Choo in Bloomies. 415-856-5431...her name is Gabrielle and she is a doll!