Saba on ebay

  1. Wow, someone is already selling a Saba on eBay. It looks authentic, too! I hope it hasn't been knocked off already:nuts:
    There is also a Gorgeous Plum Mahala that is absolutely authentic!:yahoo:
  2. I saw that too. Two things bother me about it--(1) the pictures look like stock photos and (2) the starting price is too low. Unless someone was willing to take a loss on a bag that is sold out, why list it so low?
  3. I am 200% certain the Saba has been knocked off already!
    They release the counterfeits along side the authentic inventory.

    Be careful out there! :shrugs:
    Last season's fake Ayse and Alex bags looked pretty darn real.
  4. That Seller only qualifies for $200 price protection also.
  5. It amazes me how quickly the knockoffs hit. It is really sad!!
  6. Yep - stolen pictures. That really ticks me off. i emailed the seller to ask if the bag in the pictures will be THE actual bag I would win. Hold it...I am NOT thinking of buying a Saba. :shocked:
  7. I knew I'd get some responses with this post! I did a search for replica Choo bags just to see if I could find the Saba. I don't see where is has been KO'd yet, but that doesn't mean it is not on the way...:cursing:
  8. I searched there too, but couldn't find them there yet either.

    I used to know the name of a 'supplier' when I worked day in and day out to get an eBay Seller busted for fake Marc Jacobs et al. They are bought via these suppliers and then are turned around to the dotcom place we will eventually find them. :yucky:
  9. I don't think it has been knocked off yet. None of the typical fake sites have it and I was in the city yesterday and I didn't see anything close to this style. I am just amazed at how they continue to sell the knock-offs in the open in NYC and no one seems to care.
  10. So, would you bid on this auction?
    Not with the stolen pictures, right?
    Maybe the actual bag for sale is en route from the orient. :lol:
  11. !!ROFLMAOASTC !!
    :roflmfao:!!Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A$$ Off And Scaring The Cat!!:roflmfao:

    I give them 2 weeks to setup the tooling for the new bags and all.....:rolleyes:
    10 days for shipping I say we will see fakes in March!:push:

    I could find them out there yet either....
    At least Not Yet!!!

  12. The seller answered my questions saying they got the bag from J Choo through a friend who works there so there was a bit of a discount. I didn't ask about the stock pics, but they volunteered the info that they were stock pics from J Choo web site and offered to e-mail me pics of the actual bag.
    When asked why they were selling they said they need the money.
  13. No way. I already have my black Saba from the Bond St store in the UK and I know what I paid and no one would sell a Saba for this price. Even if they posted real pictures, I wouldn't bid. The price is too good to be true given the supply is not meeting the demand (at least in my area).

    My guess is the actual bag the winner is getting is going to look something like this one:
  14. WOW! They Really are Quick!
    And I was being serious about when I figured March!
    :throwup::hs:That is so Sickening to see!:throwup::hs: