SA Woes...not sure what to do...

  1. (this is long winded...sorry!)

    I have a great SA.... she is always kind, calls regarding truck shows...or other items that she knows I would like. Even gave me a wonderful holiday gift in December. I treat her a lot from her..and send her thank you gifts (flowers...candle sets..etc..) often.

    However there is one slight problem...

    The hard to get LE items. If there is an item that seems to be the hard to get LE item for that particular season... she puts me on the list...and I wait..and wait..and wait. Finally I end up either a.) Not getting it.. or b.) I call a different store.

    So the past two seasons.. F/W and now S/S... I would call another store (totally different state..) and ask if they have the particular bag..and BOOM they have it..and they sell it to me. Now mind you.... I call literally ONE day after it is I am not sure what the deal is.

    So I was on the list for a S/S bag.. called my store yesterday since they were released..and my SA said they didn't get any in. Hmmm... so she said to just hang in there. So this morning..on a whim.. I called the SA I worked with to get my last F/W LE bag, and dang it.. she had the bags Iw anted...I bought them..and they will arrive in a day or so.

    So now.. I sort of just don't want to deal with regular SA here anymore. When I got my F/W bag from another store, it was SO awkward going back to my regular store because she was sort of shocked that I was able to just "call and get the bag" she said.

    So ..... am I being too impatient? Should I had just waited on the list until my regular SA got the bag? I guess I sort of feel like I was betraying her by not hanging in there..but I really wanted to get the bag and not wait weeks for one. I don't know what type of "list" my store (which is the major LV store a very big it isn't like a small store by any means..) has.. but I can literally call up this other store in a different state and just get the bag...without being on their list.

    So was I wrong? (if you read this far.. BLESS YOU!)
  2. DITCH HER! find another SA or just stick with the one who has been helping you the past few items..
  3. :::sigh::: Your right. Im in my regular store so much that they ALL know me so it would be awkward for me to just start working with another SA.

    I guess I will just stick with getting my bags, and other LE items from the LV out of state..and just get my shoes from my regular store.

    ... but I feel so bad.... :sad: :sad:
  4. hhmm... could be be thta yr regular store is not big enough to get those LE? :confused1: have u asked her what happen after u bought the bags form another shop?
  5. Well it is the Downtown Chicago it isn't small by any means. I didn't really ask what happened the first time (where are talking a $4K it wasn't a small ticket item..and she has my CC# on I would have thought she would be eager to make that sale...), she didn't have an answer...she just seemed "shocked" that I was able to just call and get one without being on a list. However, I didn't drill her about it because I only cared about getting my bag. Same thing this time.. not on a list..called the store regarding the LE bags that were released yesterday..and I got it right on the spot.

    I really don't get it!?? Both stores are the same size.. (the 2nd store that I can just call and get LE items right away..) is in a much more prominent area so I am not sure if that is a reason?
  6. it happens sometimes, when i was hunting Mahina XL, my store never call me, but 1866 rep find it instanly and sold it to me. Perhaps there are tenure SA who can get LEs before your SA?
  7. You know...the same thing happened to me, but it didn't involve 2 different stores, it was with 2 different SAs in the SAME store... go figure!
  8. i wonder if your regular store has more VICs therefore bumping everyone else on the list down. its also a possibility that your SA doesn't really have much "pull" at the store.

    does your SA know to charge your cc when the LE items come in? my SA always asks me if i want to do this, but i don't cause i'm never 100% sure :lol:

    i would stick to getting LEs from the other store, but get other items from your regular store. i don't think that will cause too much awkwardness.
  9. Do you ever get the call from your SA about your w/l LE bags? Maybe she feels like you always buy your LE bags from another store so you (unfortunately) get bumped down their w/l? I am true to my SA and wait for her to call about my w/l items. Have been tempted to buy elsewhere in the past but my patience has paid off and I have been able to purchase everything I have w/l for.
  10. You have to go where you can get the bag don't feel bad about it you don't shop there for friends you shop for bags if they don't have you get your fix else where.

    Maybe press your SA ask her what there allocation is like what the chances are of getting the LE tell her straight you want them to have trouble getting them there
  11. Actually no. I am very true to my SA...I am new to LV as of last year..and already have spent a bit more than $20K with her. Last year was my first experience with LE items...and the bag I wanted last year was a $4K bag...and she had my CC on file...and knows to charge my card. Well she didn't call me for the bag..and told me to just "hold tight"....I eventually called the 800# and they put me in touch with another store, and I got my bag. So again..this year, same thing... so I tried the store who gave me my F/W LE bag..and the bag right away. I don't like to wait for a bag if I don't have to. I mean..why wait weeks for a bag, when you can get it right away?

    Unfotunately... I think I am just going to order my LE purchases from this store..and my shoes..and other smaller items from my local store...which is a bummer...but ah well
  12. You're is about the bag!
  13. Ask to talk to your SA and to the leather goods manager at the same time. I've found that once I started ordering LE items my SA had to bring in the leather goods manager to get a realistic idea of when my bag would come in. And the leather goods manager would be ordering it anyway.
  14. You say both stores are about the same size, however, perhaps one store sells more LE than the other and if this is the case, the other store will always get the LEs first while the other store may or may not ever get a particular LE. It sometimes depends on the geographic area as well as the size of store. What I would do is tell your regular SA that apparently their store does not get all the LEs and is slow on the ones they do eventually get. Be honest with her, tell her from now on when you want a LE bag, you are going to contact 1-866 and for anything non-LE you will continue to get from her. I do not think she will be unhappy with this information, for it still means you will be buying quite a bit from her and both you and the SA will be happy with the end results!
  15. I don't really see the need for you to provide your SA with an explanation, IMO, she should be giving you one. Why is she not providing the service another store is giving? It would be a good question to ask the manager as well. If they can not provide a reasonable explanation (ie: release dates) I would be tempted to purchase my other items from the other location as well.