SA who knew nothing!

  1. so i went to one of the many local macy's today.
    i looked around for awhile. i was looking for the holiday patchwork slim envelope wallet.
    i didn't see it, so i went up to the lady behind the counter.
    i said, "hi, i was wondering if you had any of the slim envelope wallets in the new holiday patchwork design?"
    and she goes, "oh, yes, right over here!"
    here i am thinking, how silly of me! i must have looked right over them!
    so i follow her, and next thing i know she has a cabinet opened and she's holding the wristlet.
    she goes, "here you go!" at this point, i'm thinking maybe she heard me wrong, my mistake.
    so i say, "oh, no. i meant the slim envelope wallet."
    she looked me dead in the face and says, "uh, YEAH. this IS the item you are asking about. BUT i'm assuming you don't want it, which is a shame since its the very last one!"
    she then proceeded to literally throw the wristlet back into the cabinet, slam it shut, lock it, and walk away in a huff.
    and then, here's the kicker. i was trying to find a manager, to tell them how completely rude this lady was, and what do i see on the other side of the cabinet she had opened? a line of maybe 6 or 7 wristlets. wtf?? :cursing:
  2. I would get her name right away and report her to the manager. I would never tolerate that kind of cr*p, and I don't mean it in a snobby kind of way either. I worked in retail for way too long and for a company whose #1 goal was to kiss ass and give in to every demand of the customer (and it wasn't even commission!!)... I may not expect ass kissing when I go shopping, but I expect exactly what their title says - CUSTOMER SERVICE representative.

    I also don't buy into the "maybe the SA was having a bad day blah blah blah"... I, as well as many others, have had bad days - hell, even bad weeks or months - but we don't (and shouldn't) take it out on the customer no matter what. Leave the personal life at the door.

    So anyway, I dunno what was up with that associate but, like I said, if it were me I'd report her immediately.
  3. WOW... no that is when I immediately find a manager. I will say that a majority of the time the SAs at my Macys don't know anything about the bags. I often have to pull out a computer and show them what I mean. That really doesn't bother me so much because at our dept. stores because someone from another department is covering the counter. Now, at Coach I rarely have the patience for that. PARTICULARLY if they are rude when they figure out they are clueless.
  4. There's no excuse for her attitude and you should have ask to speak to a manager about that. At my local Macys they don't have sales associates that just work at the Coach counter they just rotate their associates from different departments. So that may be way they didnt know anything about what you were asking for.
  5. I would talk to a manager! There is no reason for her to act that way to a customer!

    This reminds me of the time that I asked about a Carly Demi at my Macy's and they insisted that there wasn't one at all.. I came to find out that it was technically called the "small carly" but they could have been more helpful in trying to figure out what I wanted instead of trying to make me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about.
  6. Nordies has them. I picked one up yesterday.

    BTW, I am closing my Macy's card as soon as my payment goes through. Somehow they mess up where they credit it to and they end up getting my account all messed up.
  7. normally people who work in macys do not know the bags.. Nordstroms SA know a bit more since i consider them higher end =) i dont even bother asking macys about anything. oneday they work in purses the next in womens clothing.. cant really blame they.. macys only pays SA about 8 an hour in CA which is min wage..
  8. I would complain to a manager about her behavior but I would also remember that the department store SAs don't really know much about Coach and their products. Regardless of her lack of knowledge, she shouldn't have treated you so rudely! That's uncalled for.