SA what does it take to become one ??

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  1. Hello there is so much talk here about the LV SA I wonder is there someone here that is one??? and how hard is to get that job ?? which kind of qualifications you need ? some kind of studies or nothing at all?? :confused1: I imagine it is a very nice job :love:
  2. 90% of us in the Pf LV sub-forum would be a shoo-in for the job. :lol:
  3. The other 10% of us just think we are.
  4. A client list, major experience, bring in customers who can afford this obsession...
  5. and also lose one of their best customers! lol (well most of us know a lot of LV stuff because we're good customers ya....they probably won't hire us lol)
  6. i hv read somewhere that customer service experience is very important in getting hired at lv...however..don't get it cuz their customer service sux!!
  7. heard their turnover is high...prob thats why...everyone wanna work in LV to get discount for their pdts but not really trained in servicing us...n yeah..most SA thought they r more worthy then we r
  8. I agree!!! but they forget that the reason they have jobs is because of us :smile:

    I thought there was a SA on the forum?!?!?! maybe they'll know!
  9. so true... the SA's act like they OWN the whole company and act like snobs.. hello... we fund your paychecks!!
  10. The SA was all lovey dovy to me one day and snobbed me the next day..what the??!!:wtf: I am a regular client there and they even served me drinks the last time.
  11. The sarcastic side of me wants to say that it doesn't take much... On the other hand I have had the pleasure of dealing with some very nice SA's... Like with anything else the bad apples spoil it for the bunch. LV's customer service needs a positive injection in my opinion.
  12. Yes, I have seen a couple like this!
  13. We used to but not anymore..:crybaby: :crybaby:

    I guess we can't be in this forum if we work for LV, I don't think they like it very much
  14. I thought of applying for a job once, but a second I noticed that SA are not allowed to purchase any new items(have to wait 6 months after their launch), I figured it doesn't worth it.....