SA was kind of rude to me today

  1. Today I went into my local store and asked the SA for help with the agendas. He was not very enthused about opening the cabinet and also made the comment, "who even uses these anymore? No one writes crap down anymore, everyone uses a cell phone or online." So, needless to say, I did not purchase an agenda from fact, I left the store pretty much right away and ended up getting a really cute Kate Spade agenda (for half the price). I felt really disappointed in the service I received today at my LV. I am looking for an LV shoulder bag, but now I am kind of hesitant to go back anytime soon. (But I am too impatient to order online hehe)
    Am I being too sensitive? :crybaby:
  2. no you are not being sensitive. That is such a rude comment. Did he say it right in front of your face? I got a comment on my first LV about it being too cheap and that was offended to me. Sorry about that. That's why i prefer order from Elux or
  3. Why didn't you say something to him?

    I never understood how someone would let a person treat them rudely. It's his job was to help you, regardless of what you wanted to buy.
  4. Absolutely not! What gives the SA the right to comment on your choice of wanting an agenda? His job is to sell you what you asked for, period.
    If I want advice, I ask my family, not a stranger.
    I'd ring up the manager and inform him/her.
    Glad you found a cute agenda at Kate Spade tho :smile:
  5. No, you are not being too sensitive. He was not only rude but a terrible salesman. I looooove my groom agenda, I use it all the time. It is so much more convenient IMO than a cell phone or going online. It has made my life so much more organized.
  6. /Agree..
    I imagine the SA's make a commission, don't they? Well, way to blow a potential sale! Sad!
  7. That's none of his business. Maybe *HE* doesn't use an agenda anymore, but who asked for his opinion? Some SAs should learn better...
  8. No, they don't make commission.
  9. Hi.

    No, that sounds extremely rude to me.

    Go home and phone the L.V. store, ask to speak to the manager and tell her, or him, exactly what was said to you, and the fact that they lost a sale because of this sales clerk's rudeness.

    Also mention the shoulder bag you might get somewhere else .

    It is a shame you will miss out on L.V.'s wonderful products and superbe quality.

    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men (or L.V. lovers) to do nothing.

  10. I would have said, "If I am spending so much money here you might think of being a little bit nicer to me. I don't think LV wants to lose a customer because of a rude SA like you" And told the store manager! Seriously, cuz we are spending way too much money at LV for their ppl to treat us like crap.
  11. :lol::lol::lol::lol: You know who STILL uses those agendas???:lol::lol::lol: ME!!!!I just bought a new Med. mono agenda last week, and I love it. What a jerk....just make quick call and explain how rude he was. You should not be made to feel badly when shopping. That is crap.:tdown:
  12. I know...I was thinking...a ton of people I know still used agendas/planners/calendars. I do most things online as far as paying bills etc and etc, but as far as appointments, bdays, I ALWAYS write them down. I am addicted to post-its when I am at work too! lol

    Well thanks everyone for making me feel better. The SA was just an Ass!
  13. OMG I can't believe he said that to you what's with LV lately
  14. WOW talk about RUDE !!! what an Idiot, its him who lost out on a sale. I would use a different SA/Store. Also tell the manager about this jerk. Sorry this happened to you
  15. Agendas are practical!!! I do want one soon!!!