SA vs purchasing online

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  1. Is it a good idea to order through an SA at a store or just order online? My husband may be getting me something for our anniversary from Cartier but I can’t seem to find the business card I was given last time we visited the store.
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    For huge purchases, I wouldn't be comfortable doing it online. Also, If something goes wrong, you would want to have an SA to work with..not just a random person online. And although it is a minor thing, I have seen a couple of folks complain before about not getting a pouch or cleaning kit with their online purchase. Thankfully, my SA in the store always makes sure that I get those whenever I purchase stuff.
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  3. I noticed return policy is different. You can get a full refund if you purchase online but only a store credit for in-store purchases.
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  4. We had an absolutely horrible online experience! Terrible customer service. Impossible to get anyone to return a call or email when you have a problem. Would absolutely go to a store if possible - we live in a very small town far from any retail locations, but boy did we learn a painful lesson.
  5. I’ve just ordered online and am really wondering if I get a travel pouch and cleaning kit. I can tell you when I get my LOVE on Friday. It’s my first Cartier purchase and I am completely ok ordering online.
  6. I like having a working relationship with a SA, it makes things much easier whether you need something repaired or cleaned or a silk cord changed out or just about any issues. My SA is almost like a friend, I always have fun chit chatting with him when he's not busy.
  7. I’ve just got my package. And somehow disappointed - no gifts as you can see people are getting when purchasing in boutique. It’s not a big deal, but it is always pleasant to feel yourself special. Actually why not - for over 6K€? Even no cleaning kit! If it fits I’ll make a call and am pretty sure they send me a kit.
  8. Other than the cleaning kit, have any of you received any gifts with purchase when purchasing at the boutique? Such as a Cartier perfume, book, etc.?

  9. Yes. I was always given the travel pouches with pillow and perfume sample.
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  10. I’m wondering now if (and how) can I ask about it per phone call with customer service (I must make a call anyway). Any ideas?
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    I just purchased the small Love bracelet on my 50th birthday. The sales associate was so sweet that she gave me two cleaning kits and a travel pouch for my Love bracelet, my silk cord bracelet and my Trinity ring. She was just awesome. She even asked if I had a favorite number and looked for a bracelet with a serial number with my favorite number. Turns out the one she found had my favorite number, my daughters favorite number and my mom (who passed away) her favorite number. Guess that bracelet was meant to be mine. I ordered once from the online when I got my silk cord bracelet and they sent a full size perfume. So I did have a good experience with online as well.
  12. I have always gotten a cleaning kit and a travel pouch with all of my purchases but I think it's because my SA and I are more like friends than just a SA in a store selling me things. I have also gotten perfume samples, books and other gifts from him. This goes back to I like having a working relationship with people at places I frequently visit.
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  13. I ordered a Love ring via the website. I called when my ring came because I didn't receive the cleaning kit. They sent one out right away, and when I get low or run out I call the 800 number and as long as I can provide them with the order number from the online purchase they Fedex a new cleaning out to me with no problem.
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  14. That’s interesting. I was told they don’t have a cleaning kit on stock and maybe I get one, when they get... may I ask you -are you from Europe?
  15. No, I'm in the US.