SA vs. PS?

  1. I have three LV boutiques in my area, but only frequented two until last week. I headed to Rodeo Dr. last week and met a new SA. I have made four trips in the last week and she has taken well care of me - I think above and beyond. She has even given me her cell phone #, so that I can reach her in case she had the day off and she would meet me at the boutique.

    Anyway, long story short...I just noticed now that her business card indicate 'Personal Shopper.' Does anyone know the difference?:shrugs:
  2. curious as to which 3 you are referring to?? Bev Center, Rodeo and Century?? Which is the best IYO??
  3. wow her cell? that's AWESOME. i would be so scared to ever call her on it.
  4. Oh, I forgot about Century, but I was referring to South Coast Plaza, Beverly Center and Rodeo. I had been to Rodeo a few times, awhile ago, not a really pleasant experience - so, I started going to SCP and Beverly Center. My SA (Sam) from BC moved to Prada (I think) and I had a terrible experience at SCP last week while my SA was off. Sooo, I drove 75 miles from SCP to Rodeo Drive and lo and behold, everyone was super nice that day and met a few people. I found a 'Personal Shopper' and she has been taking care of me the last week. I kid you not, she is AWESOME!

  5. I KNOW! I was shocked that she gave it to me!
  6. Ohh! Ms. Gayatri from LV 5th Ave. is a VIP Client Assistant to my best friend @ the 5th Ave Flagship store. She is absolutely the best.

    Enjoy having a PS b/c they're the best!:yes:
  7. oh... i wish i had my SA's i can ask her out for lunch without asking other SA
  8. you can ask without taking the other. i called my SA on monday when i was off work to check when was a good time to stop in and asked her to lunch. they were busy and doing inventory this week but she said we should have coffee another time. i was so nervous to ask but so glad i did!
  9. Oh wow coffee/lunch with an SA...I should ask mine next time I'm in town to buy something and call ahead to schedule a time.
  10. I think SA refers to any saleslady/man who can help you make a purchase at a particular store at a specific time, whereas a personal shopper is someone whom you either PAY to spend X amount of time with you and during this time he/she advises you on what to wear OR if this personal shopper works for a luxury house/boutique (eg. Holt Renfrew), the company pays/hires the personal shopper to shop with you, but you must spend Y dollars on your purchases
  11. I've been to all of the above LV stores plus South Coast Plaza, but I always buy at Century City. I have a great SA there and when I walk in, everyone says hello to me! (Kind of funny but cool since usually I don't like any SAs approaching me when I'm shopping - just be there at the register when I'm ready to buy!!!) I've been buying from the same SA for over 3 yrs now and will only buy from her. If she ever leaves the store, I'll be sad!!!

    SCP is usually a zoo on the weekends - there are so many people walking around the store that the SAs don't really have to sell a bag, it seems that they just ring them up and say "Next!". J/K SCP gets a ton of merchandise and I always go in to look when I'm at SCP, but I buy from Century City.
  12. Hahaha I know! Everyone stands around the registers waiting to be called up to pay :lol:
  13. A personal shopper sounds great, let us know how it goes with her though.

  14. I would say, so far so good. I have been to the boutique four times in the past week and she had taken well care of me each time!

  15. he did???? he was my SA too!!!!!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: