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May 3, 2007
So I called a local Coach store last night to find out if they had the Signature Carly Top Handle Pouch in Brown with the Brown Leather (Chocolate). I didn't want to drive all the way over there if they didn't have the bag I was debating on getting.

So the SA tells me that the Pouch doesn't come in Brown... She said the Leather looks Brown but it's actually black. I told her that wasn't the color combination I was talking about. I told her "No, the Dark Brown/Chocolate with the Brown Leather." Again she tells me "Coach doesn't make it in that color." I tell her: "But I'm looking on it on the website right now" and she told me I was wrong...

:cursing: Are you kidding me !?!?!

So I called another local Coach store and they knew exactly what I was talking about.

I don't appreciate being told that I am wrong when I'm clearly looking at the site! I must have been suddenly color blind or something.

So I go to the Coach store today and HA! There is the Brown Pouch bag sitting on the first table!
Did you buy it?? LOL! I ordered a baby carly for PCE in khaki/black but love the brown/brown one! I have 2 chocolate signature bags though so had to get something different! And that's rude of the SA to treat you that way. I don't get why some of them act that way. Oh, well, there are lots of good SAs out there to do business with!
If not for the 25% pce discount I wouldn't go to my local Coach boutique at all. I know there are stores with friendly SA's and I have met two at mine but so often the snobby or pushy ones are working. My friend was given grief about making a return which was new with tags, never used. Since they gave her a hard time she returned her bleecker shopper as well and told them why. The girl doing the return didn't care.
We also went through a similiar thing as the original poster at the last pce about the khaki/saddle carly which was available online in medium at that time and the SA was insisting it wasn't.
I had a similar experience last week at a boutique. I was admiring the medium bleecker duffle. When the sales associate approached me and asked what color I like, I told him the ink blue. He insisted it wasn't produced in that color, only the large one was. If I really loved the color, I should get the large one. I explained that I had seen the medium leather duffle in ink blue at Macy's (I actually had it waiting for me at Macy's until I could pick it up with the F&F 20% off coupon) and he still told me I was wrong. Well, I have it now and it's a great bag! Plus, it was online at, so it wasn't a department store exclusive. Maybe you were dealing with a seasonal employee. Either way, they shouldn't tell you that you're wrong until they verify. Clicking on might be very informative!
I print off exactly what I'm looking for off the Coach site. This heads off some problems.

Last PCE, the SA told me something didn't exist. So, I showed her my print out for the item and she took FOREVER to look for it and then finally order it for me. I ended up not getting a swingpack that I was going to get too 'cause I was disappointed in the service. Luckily, I haven't seen her in there the last couple times. I would definitely avoid her in the future.

I did get the swingpack on ebay later on at a lower price than PCE. :->
EEEK Lissi!! Which store was this?

Dont u hate that.... its like if theyre on the phone theyre prob by the register and the computer.... JUST CHECK!! lol

I understand that sometimes customers may get bags confused (like the name or something) so thats why they tell people that such a bag doesnt exist but if youre telling her your looking at it on the computer why does she need to insist? lol
Maybe she was new. Either way though she should've verified and back up her statement by checking carefully on the computer or asking the manager before saying you were wrong. Oh well, at least you got a great bag at the other store with better SA's.
I know how frustrating that is. Its happened to me at times too - I go into the store with information/item number from the drilldown and they look at me like I have three heads and that I broke some Coach top secret code by knowing about things that arent released yet. Dont they have access to the drilldown at the stores like we do?!