SA totally LIED to my face!!!

  1. So, I was in Vegas this weekend at the LV in Caesars, and I asked an SA when the denim wallets and other accessories would be coming out, and he totally lied right to my face! He said he's never heard of such a thing, and he has NO IDEA what I was talking about! Made me feel like a complete moron!! OK-- The denim wallets are in the look-book, and were set to be released a month ago (they just got pushed back--some stores even got some already!). EVERYONE knows about them!!

    What's his problem?!!! And if he seriously didn't know about the products, I'm disappointed LV wouldn't give him adequate product knowledge training before putting him on the floor!!!
  2. I am so sorry you have a sa like this.
  3. Well, maybe he is still really new and clueless. I guess LV is just like most companies out there, train their staffs while they work. :shrugs:
  4. I don't know if all SA's get information at the same time. You know how managers might get info about a new hamburger 6 months ahead of time, but don't tell the actual employees until 6 weeks before or something.......
    Sorry you felt you were lied to. The SA that helped me at Caeser's was Rebecca and she was a darling!
  5. Don't take it personally. I do think that he should have at least reached for the look book and double cheked before giving you a definite NO.
  6. Yea, sometimes SA's just are not knowledgable at all!
  7. yeah he really shouldn't have given you such a conclusive no unless he was definitely and 100% sure, i.e. he was told directly by management or something. it's understandable if a SA is new and not knowledgeable about a certain line, but if he's even remotely uncertain he should go look it up rather than give you a definitive answer.
  8. I don't think he's necessarily lying, maybe he didn't know about this line or maybe he misunderstood you.
  9. Maybe he didn't have access to the lookbook or didn't pay that much attention. I wouldn't take it personally. The quality of SAs varies greatly. Just give your business to someone else!
  10. I'm sorry that happened to you. I think the SA was just not well versed of the products.

    When I was in Jo'Berg last xmas, I asked about the Groom collection and the SA didn't know what I was talking about either. Too bad because she was actually very nice.
  11. Boo. You should have asked him to show you the look book.
  12. He had no reason to lie- obviously he didn't know about them.
  13. Some of the guys that work in the Las Vegas LV stores are security...could it be that maybe that is who you spoke to???
  14. Maybe the SA is a fu**ing idiot!

    Maybe the SA is not as inofrmed as us tpf wouldn't be the first time...................
  15. I agree with everyone else, he probably just doesn't know about them. I have had SA's not know about something I was asking for at the MAC and Chanel counters and look at me like I have 2 heads. Maybe he is new or part time and hasn't gotten all of the information. While I agree it is frustrating to have a SA that doesn't know much, just think how he is going to feel when he realizes that he was wrong.