SA told me Very Noeud not released in white

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  1. Ok, hope you guys aren't sick of talking about wedding shoes. Run away now if this is the case!

    Well, around 8pm last night I had decided that the Very Noeud in white might be "the" wedding shoe. I obsessed about it all night and after much debating with colleages at work this morning, decided it would be perfect!

    So I called the Beverly Hills store to start my hunt and the SA told me that it was released in "press photos" but never actually went into production in white :crybaby:Feeling a little let down...

    Maybe someone can convince me that it really wasn't the shoe for my dress- (I'll post a pic) and there is something way better out there?
    I definitely was thinking a platform- somehow my dress just speaks of that platform shoe era. But I want a shoe with a little more element than just a Very Prive or simple style- know what I mean? Dress is white w/ silver beading.

    Any thoughts from the Fashionistas?
    I'm not getting married until next June, so if nothing out there calls to me I guess I could always wait a couple more seasons...


    The picture I found of the "non-existant" VN..

  2. beeeyoootiful dress missrocks....
  3. I didn't know that.

  4. Could the SA have been wrong???

    Bebegirl~ Thanks for the comliment :flowers:
  5. Hopefully she is wrong. Why would there be a pic of the shoe in white if it does not exist? Someone photoshop it?

  6. The SA told me the picture exists as a "press release" preview from CL, but then the color white never went into production.

    I guess I'll call another boutique tomorrow and see what they have to say about that. Hopefully, SA was wrong! And they have a pair in my size..:heart:

    Well, if they do in fact exist, I would love if anyone had any opinions to share on how they would look with the dress. Or if there are any other elegant platform styles as a recommendation- in case they don't exist...
  7. Oooh oooh! What about the JOLI NOEUD DORCET in white patent?!?!?!!

  8. ^^^^Those are great too!!!!!

  9. These would Definetely be an alternative! The only thing is, I was really hoping for a platform...and satin...
    But those are beautiful.

    Great suggestion!~Thanks! :flowers:
  10. hmmmm you said you dress has silver beading, right? What about the silver NPs? yes they are a simple classic style but maybe since they are silver (as opposed to white) they have that pop you're looking for...
  11. Fantastic idea! :idea:
  12. I was thinking the same thing about the silver NPs. They would look so good with that dress AND you will be able to wear them afterwards too!!! I can't remember where they are available now??? Do you know Noe? (haha that sounds funny!)

  13. I had this thought too! I was initially looking for something a little more feminine/ girly, ... with a bit of "vintage"- for lack of better word- era to it.

    They would for sure make the look a little more modern/ sexy, which I also like the idea of...
    ...and I could get much wear out of them afterwards (bonus!)

    Another great suggestion~ Thank you!
  14. Ooooo, I just saw these on the Deals Thread. By any chance are you a CL 39???

  15. :heart:

    Those are hot! But maybe too "hot" for wedding shoes with the snakeskin going on...

    Not a 39 though, I'm a 38. Too bad, those would be a nice addition to my collection, as I have been wanting to add something silver.