SA Rumor has it "Legacy in January"..

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  1. I was informed by one of the Managing SA's at my Fav FP store that in January.... Leagacy will be coming out again. She does not know the details of what and how. I asked her if it was the Leather or the Stripes but she could not tell me..but it will be coming to the FP Stores..

    What do you all know???
  2. OMG I am so happy to hear this! That would be so fabulous!
  3. The Legacy came out during the 65th anniversary, could it be 70th anniversary specials?
  4. i wish i had a sa who knew all that juicy stuff! i feel as if sometimes i know more then they do!! or maybe they just dont want to share. i hope we get legacy i wasn't a coach shopper at that time and all i do is drool over the bags on ebay. i won't bring my self to buy one off ebay because i don't know whats a good price... super excited.
  5. Shut up!!! No, really...tell me more! :woot:
  6. I want to know too! Time to hunt down some details.

    It's not too early to plan next year's shopping list.......
  7. OMG...time to put some Miracle Gro on my money tree!!!!
  8. I hope its some nice new leather bags... I have never bought a coach leather bag, but Im always looking at their new stuff hopeing I like something:smile:
  9. I loved their previous line of Legacy bags!!

    Can't wait for their new collection in January. I'm sooo excited :yahoo:
  10. I'm also hoping for some cute accessories. We need some more gold-tone fobs and I keep thinking of that legacy heart with the lipgloss (would look so nice with my Mahogany Sophia).
  11. That's exactly what I was hoping for!!! :yahoo:
  12. I missed out on the Legacy bags, I hope these new ones compare! Can't wait to see them!
  13. I can't believe it's been 5 years already - seeing the 65th anniversary Legacy bags is what got me interested in Coach. I went backwards, my first designer bag was LV lol
  14. My SA told me that the store mgr went to a preview of all the upcoming lines for both FP and outlet and said they were really good stuff coming up in the next few months. Phenomenal was the world she used......
  15. I agree! I would love to see some(Legacy) accessorie's and charm's with gold hw..Out of 7 fobs, I have, the only gold tone one is my legacy lipgloss charm, the rest are silver~