SA relationship with 1866 is it possible??

  1. Hi, I love my SA from 1866vuitton but question....can you ever get perks from a 1866vuitton SA. I would assume no...but it would be great if you could. I hate to try to call a store an try and establish a relationship over the phone. its fine with 1866 cause thats the only way i wasting my purchases with a 1866 rep when i could be building a relationship to get perks with a store sa??
  2. I think you could bulid a relation ship with a SA over the phone.
  3. It could be a possibility... but I think you'd have a much better chance building a stronger relationship with an SA at an actual boutique.
  4. Possible, but I think you'd have to call in many many times and have the same rep help you in order to establish a good relationship...
  5. Yup it is. :tup: I was out of town three weeks ago and I wanted to exchange my newly purchased cell phone charm because the ring was bent. The only store that had what I wanted was a Neiman's. I went over for an even exchange and the SA told me that they couldn't do it because I used Discover from the original purchase. (Neiman's only takes AMEX, their card or personal cheque). I told them that it's an even exchange and I've done it in the Neiman's in Virginia. They refused. I knew that if you bought something from a boutique that you can do an exchange at a Neiman's, Sak's or Macy's. You cannot do a return though. So I walked away and called 1866 talked to a really nice SA who actually called the Neiman's for me and reminded them of the company's policy for exchanges! I returned within minutes to exchange my item. Ever since then, I would always ask for this 1866 personnel to help me finding or reserving stuff. SORRY FOR THE LONG RESPONSE.