SA recommended that I use Vaseline on my Chanel bag

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I was in the Chanel boutique yesterday purchasing a bag and while I was in there I showed the SA my black reissue 2.55 which I had brought along to compare to a new reissue bag as I felt mine was lacking a little lustre. The difference in the leather was that mine had a bit of a less sheen to it than the new bag and the SA was lovely and said that he actually preferred the way mine looked. I did explain that I like the aged look but I wanted to get the sheen back and was going to be sending the bag to a specialist to have it cleaned and hydrated and possibly have a coating applied to it. He said that I can use Vaseline with one of the buffing cloths Chanel provides (he gave me an extra one with my purchase to use on my reissue), to buff the Vaseline into the leather.

    Now I have a feeling that someone working at Chanel wouldn't give the wrong advice and that leather will automatically look hydrated and shiny if I do this, but I did want to check on here if anyone else knows about this trick and has tried it? Does anyone think this could damage the leather long term and stop it from 'breathing' because of the coat of Vaseline applied to it? The kind of leather we are discussing is the aged calfskin and I attached photos from the internet of the style of bag I am referring to for those that would like to see the type of leather it is made of.


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  2. I would not use Vaseline ☠️
  3. The Vaseline will just rub off on anything it touches, I'd assume. I don't think it would absorb in well at all.
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  4. Have you tried Collonil gel? You could test spot a small corner underneath the bag. It's brought many of my leathers back to life.
  5. Thank you for the tip! I have just ordered some and ill give it a try :smile:

    I am still inquisitive about the Vaseline tip as the SA at Chanel recommended it. Has anyone used Vaseline to nourish leather or heard of this before?
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  6. NO! I would not do that, ever!! Use cadallic leather lotion, it's on Amazon and it's the best stuff ever.
  7. Vaseline is definitely not the right product to treat leather.
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  8. Vaseline on a Chanel?!? YIKES!! I only use Cadillac Leather Conditioner. It's the best ever! I buy mine at Nordstrom. They sell it in the handbag and shoe department :smile:
  9. Thanks for the replies girls. I think the consensus is to not risk it. I will just use the Collinel gel to nourish and protect the leather :smile:
  10. I use Cadillac lotion per my Chanel SA... I would not use the Vaseline.
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  11. I wouldn't try vaseline on a Chanel bag. I've heard about putting vaseline on leather, though. My granddad's shoemaker (years and years ago) suggested putting vaseline on the inside of leather shoes to keep the leather soft. I've actually tried putting some on the inside of a pair of Ferragamo shoes which wouldn't stop biting me no matter what. It took quite a few days to completely absorb but to my surprise it did work :shocked: Never tried again on other things, though, and no I would never risk putting vaseline on a Chanel bag...
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  12. Vaseline? :amazed: Like what others have mentioned, collonil gel would be safer....
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  13. Thanks for the comments girls. So I have purchased Collinel gel which I believe will waterproof/protect the leather and possibly nourish it.What do you girls use to clean your Chanel leather (i.e. products that are available in the UK)?

    I think I need to clean the bag first and then protect and nourish it.

  14. Meltonian Delicate Cream also does wonders on leather that needs some rehab. Its available on Amazon.
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  15. I don't know that Vaseline would hurt your bag... but it does sound risky!!! Too risky!!! Maybe use a specialized treatment like the Cadillac lotion instead.