SA recommendations - Munich and Frankfurt?

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  1. My local LV closed down this year :crybaby: so now I'm forced to make the 2-3 hour hike to either Munich or Frankfurt. We go to both cities at least every few months on weekends so it's not *that* bad but I'd really appreciate some SA recommendations for both.

    Tried to search the thread but the posts are either not available or too old! Looking forward and thanks in advance.
  2. For Frankfurt I can recommend Brian and Theresia. Both are super nice and very helpful. :smile:
  3. Thank you Sibelle! Who is the more patient one? :P They're going to be hearing from me very soon!

    Just need to figure out Munich now...:smile:
  4. Haha, I´d say Brian is the most patient one of them all :biggrin: . Good luck!