SA recommendation SF Bayarea

Aug 2, 2006
Can anyone recommend a really good SA in the SF Bayarea. Typically I order from Eluxury, LV in Union Square or ebay. The SA in Union Square I purchased 6 bags from the same women same day and really did not like her assistance. I felt like she was trying to rush me out to help others. I don't want to go back to her again. Can any of you Gals share your SA? I want to get on a few wait lists and would like to know who to ask for when I call tomorrow. Thanks in advance.


crazy in love
Mar 10, 2007
I love Keisha at Union Square and Marcy at Bloomingdale's.
Once Keisha knew I was interested in events, I've been getting invites ever since.

Between the two of them, I get my needs fulfilled. :lol:

Let them know your gang of enablers sent ya and a local named Anne! :smile:


crazy in love
Mar 10, 2007
^ Yay! Glad to hear that, LVcubster!

Kiesha is so informative! I just wish that she would stay in California a bit longer!
She's transferring to the "mothership" in Paris this summer, around August.
Well, at least we all have someone we know in Paris, now. :smile:

Anyhow, she said she will find an SA that would take care of her customers, so that puts me at ease a bit.
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Sep 28, 2005
I like Marcy at Bloomingdale's, she always remembers me when I walk in, which is an automatic good sign. same goes for the other SA there whose name I forgot, he's kind of short and cute with light brown hair.


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Oct 7, 2006
I work with Hazel at the Union Square store. She is extremely nice and helpful, and I never feel rushed or obligated to purchase anything. She also calls me and gives me heads up when new items arrive in the store.