SA recommendation at saks that carries LV?

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  1. Have some old gcs and my local saks closed down a while back. I need to use them before I forget about them
  2. Michelle @ Saks in Troy, MI is who I use, & I live all the way in MS. She's awesome!
  3. Thank you. I will contact her
  4. Thank you 858Smith for recommending Michelle in Troy, MI! She is the best. I called her and she gave me her work cell # so we could text about my request. By the end of the day, she was able to locate all 3 items from my wish list! Clemence Wallet, Toiletry 19 and the Sunglasses Case MM!!!! :yahoo: I have no idea how she found the sunglasses case. I went to the LV store in San Francisco, LV in Bloomingdales and LV in Neiman Marcus. All said that there was a waiting list of 40 people and that they did not know when it would be available. All they could do was add me to the waitlist. I think she spent most of her day trying to track one down for me. She is amazing. :tup:
  5. hi pursewishlist, may I have her cell number please?
  6. Hi! Can I have her cell number please?