SA Rant (long...sorry)

  1. I am from S. Florida, and a Bloomingdales here just added a new LV Boutique. I am real excited to go, as it is the closest one to me. I hope the following is just because the SA's are new, but it was the manager telling me this stuff:

    I went in and asked if they had any denim shawls, preferably in black. The manager told me Louis Vuitton does not make such a thing. I said I saw it on Ashley Tisdale, and she said, "Oh, she must have special ordered it." Ummm....ok.

    So then I asked for a Damier Azur Accessories pouch. She asked another SA to help me. She did. Everything is great. I asked to be on the waitlist for the Trevi PM. I showed her the picture in the holiday catalog, and asked whether the photo was of the PM or GM. She did not know, so she asked the manager who said the Trevi only comes in one size. I said I have seen both sizes online. She told me I must have the Tivoli and Trevi confused. I said no, I have the Tivoli GM and I know there is a Trevi PM and GM. She just looked at me like I was an idiot. I just let that one go as well.

    I then asked for the chain extender for the pochette, and they had no idea what I was talking about.

    After that, I just bought my pochette, thanked them and left.

    I don't want to come across as a know it all, and I really wanted to make some new SA friends.

    I am so sad :crybaby:, as I really wanted me experience at the new "close by me" LV store to be great. Now, I do not think I want to go back there. Thoughts??

    .....Oh, I was wearing my Damier Sophie in as well, and I was definitely getting some looks...they probably thought it was fake. They weren't familiar with the stuff they carried, so I can't expect them to know about the Sophie.
  2. OMG...I can't believe that!! They're obviously from another planet or something!! But my goodness, I can't believe they didn't know the most simplest things about LV!! Hopefully your next visit, they'll be more knowledgeable.
  3. They were clueless, I say give them a month or so, they will start to know more about LV with time. It's a shame that they didn't do their homework. If probably one of us LV lovers applied for the job they may turn us down. Next time go with reference and pictures so you can explain a little better. Also it was the managers responsability to go to the computer and do a search for the items you requested if they wasn't sure about them.
  4. ITA, usually most of LV staff get the Job because they work in Sales at "High end" Stores and not because they Love LV or have bought LV before. I would go in and explain what you mean, even print out things, prove your right, also get to know the SA by talking to them, asking what is new in (even if you're not interested) and showing them your sophie whilst talking about the damier line, I know it sounds a little weird but I think this would be the best way to approach the SA's who dont really have a clue. Im sorry you had this experience :smile:
  5. I know how you feel, SA is not professional enough (sad part for such a big luxury brand), and it turns out the whole thing makes customer looks like a fool...
  6. A lot of SA's don't know as much as we do on here. I always get these looks do you know about that or where did you hear that from? It's pretty funny actually!
  7. if youre close to that LV then you should just drive the extra 15 minutes to Bal Harbour--i live extremely close to Merrick Park, but the SAs there left alot to be desired so now I only deal with Bal. The team at that store is amazing, and really friendly.
  8. Sorry to hear about your disappointing experience.:tdown: Unfortunately this sort of thing is an all too common experience here too.
  9. I was once told members of tPF know more than some of the LV SAs :sweatdrop:
  10. It's frustrating that they were so clueless, but it sounds like the store there is pretty new. I would give them a month or so and try them again. Hopefully by then they will learn a little more about what they are supposed to be selling!
  11. I bet it being so close to Xmas-time they have extra staff who may be new in there. I bet if you went back at another time -- when it's slower -- it may be better. Do you have any friends who can recommend a good SA? Good luck. I am sorry it was unpleasant.
  12. Actually I share your experience where the customer knows the Vuitton product better than the SA...A few years ago prior to the Damier Alma being mass produced...I saw one in NYC...Called and or visited several of the Vuitton boutiques where the SAs stated that there was no such thing...Finally after getting vocal with my local SA and telling her I would not be purchasing anymore Vuittons if she didn't put me in touch with a Vuitton rep who truly knew the product.. it was sorted out that at that time(years ago) that there was only 100 of the Damier almas produced and the NYC buyer for the Vuitton boutiques found one just for me....Go figure... But it is truly sad when the customers know more than the SAs...But hang in there...There are some SAs who will truly go the extra mile...and now after more than 20 years of buying Vuittons I have found some of the best SAs and when I want something one of them will track it down....Happy holidays...