SA Quotas

  1. Hi ladies and gents. In the past I've always thought that Vuitton SA worked on commisson, but I found out that they actually don't. I was reading in the other thread that they work on a quota system. I'm really curious about how it works. Does anyone know? Thanks.:flowers:
  2. I would like to know too - I read that they have so much in sales to make each month but then I read somewhere else that it makes no difference which SA you go to as they don't go by commission??
    Maybe its different in each country.
    Sorry I am of no help to you:shame:
  3. -^- Don't worry slayer. I'm just really confused. I hope some of our fellow Pfers might know because I'm really curious.
  4. I'd also like to know. I don't think they work on commission becuase many people (myself included) have dealt with aloof/rude SAs.
  5. Isn't it the same as Coach SA?
  6. from what i've understood during one chit-chat session with my fave SA, they don't work on comission, but they have to meet a certain quota for the entire boutique. it doesn't matter who sells the most (though im sure they do get some sort of incentive) it is how much the boutique is able to sell in a period. i know this for a fact as one SA from the other LV boutique here told me that they're more than happy to have items transfered to their boutique as long as i buy from them.
  7. That is exactly what I've heard too, each boutique has its own sales target and they get some kind of bonus if they meet the target.
  8. One of my SA received as a bonus a trip to Paris for her fantastic sales record:smile:
  9. What a fabulous bonus! My SA told me that when she first got the job she was sent to France to look around the factory to observe and learn exactly how the bags are made. I dont think all SA's do this though, she works in a UK store so it wasn't exactly far to travel.
  10. They do work on quota. About 4-5 thousands a day. It's also competitive among SA. I guess they do get some sort of bonus at the end. They are so vicious that I have seen one SA still customers from another SA while the they are gone in the back looking for bags.
  11. They are on a Quota and are also judged on quality of return customers. Those rude ones will be gone, it's the ones who keep us coming back that stay and get to go on the special tours. My favorite SA in Tokyo went to the Factory and another one I knew, I ran into her in the Bond street shop. My current SA in Sloane st (London) was telling me they get offered some of the super duper rare bags at discount. I am keeping up my Japanese, someday I will work for Louis!
  12. My SA seems to only know my name at the end of the month. lol
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies. This clarified a lot of stuff for me.:flowers:
  14. thanks!