SA Question

  1. after looking at the drilldown, there are a lot of items i would like, but don't want to bring in a list to my store to have them look all the items up to see if any are actually still around and available to be ordered (as you can see from my previous posts, i think my SA's think i'm nuts). Are any of the SA's on here allowed to look up items for us and see if they are actually available (during their shifts or whatever) and then report back? I mean, maybe if they are not busy?

    just curious. there are so many cute things i would love to get my grubby paws on! sorry if this isn't allowed to be asked. i certainly would not want anyone getting in any trouble.
  2. just call a coach store. most of the time, our store is packed, but we can get your name and number, and when we have down time we can call u back. or call customer service.
  3. just call the main coach number (on the website) and ask them, then you can always go to the store to order once you know what's what