SA on forum.

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  1. Big hello to you all.

    I'm rather new to the forums, I've registered for awhile but have always been abit shy.

    I know I'm meant to search first before posting and I have done so.

    I was just wondering if we have any LV SA that are on our forums!?

  2. Welcome! I think that we have another SA :yes:
  3. I know of at least one, TPF member, mrfrenchfry, he is in one of the NYC boutiques.
  4. noted down :graucho:!
  5. i believe there are a few. though they hardly post. there was another one claiming to be one, but i think that person just took all the info from the summary thread and made a new one lol.
  6. I'm sure we do but they rarely post. I know one is, I forget her name, but her icon is of Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.

    You wouldn't really want to identify yourself as an SA though because one of our members, Lorence (sp?), actually got fired from LV for his activity on here quite awhile ago (he had his pic up and identified which store he worked at).
  7. I just searched mrfrenchfry, and I think he is a real SA.^^ thats true he only had 23 posts.
  8. I hope there are some SA lurkers here. The bashing of the customer service has been more and more and I they need to know.

  9. I think that is a very good point. If the SA who are out there know that we as customers have experienced such terrible service I'm sure they can do something about it?

    It would be good if we could work together and I guess achieve a common goal, of experiencing an enjoyoable trade?/sales phenomena where the SA are happy to deal with the customers and the customers in return look forward to seeing the SA?
  10. that's awful a SA got fired over his post here.
  11. ^Well I *think* he was giving more info out than they wanted him to. He also changed his name on here also and now he works for BV I believe; he's a lot more inconspicuous than he was before. We used to talk all the time but I haven't talked to him for awhile.

    It just goes to show you though that you have to be careful what you post since EVERYone can see it. It's part of the reason I changed my avatar from my pic to a general one.
  12. I would love to know the inside info...I also would love them to hear the comments about customer service. It would be good for the company.
  13. Ahh... there's the voice of reason we've been looking for! Thanks for proving that a few bad apples don't ruin the whole bunch.
  14. OMG i didnt know this, I loved Laurence (sp? haha me too) he was great help but i guess the writting was on the wall since he did reveal alot about the company and took personal stock photos etc. if i were the employer i guess i would've dont the same. Nonetheless he was a great member here.