SA on bloor street, toronto is very funny!

  1. so i went to the lv on bloor today to purchase my mini lin... :yahoo:
    the SA that put me on the waitlist for the damier azur items recognized me so she was helping me with my mini lin speedy...
    but while she was retrieving my speedy from the stockroom, this male SA was telling me how there were only 2 mini lin speedy's and one of them was a return from yesterday so i should head to holt renfrew instead since they have 5 new ones...
    but i decided to go ahead and buy the mini lin speedy on bloor anyway even though the fabric was pilling a tiny bit near the bottom since i thought i might want to start using the same SA...
    so then my roommate and i headed over to holt renfrew on bloor and the male SA was also there! turns out he works at both places... and he kept on urging me to return my speedy and get it at holt instead cause it was new lol... :lol: i think he was more loyal to holt renfrew lv...
    my roommate and i couldn't stop laughing...
    it was a very very fun shopping experience today! :P
  2. Too funny! Love your bag......congrats!!!!
  3. that's a nice story...although I think you should return it for the new one...
  4. OMG!!! Was it the guy with messy blonde hair (Alex)?!:nuts: He is NUTS!!!:upsidedown:
  5. Cute story, Congrat's on the new purchase :smile:

  6. Too your new bag...I want feedback on the mini lin after using it for a week or two...remember honest objective feedback...I love the bag but, the mixed reviews and my ban are holding me you love it already???? What is the material like???Congrats...and by the way I love HR.
  7. LV_Addict: sorry i don't know if his name is alex (i only know mary jane, junko and miyoko by name), but he did have messy blonde hair! he's VERY nice and he speaks mandarin! haha evertime i see him he likes to speak some mandarin! althought i don't comprehend much lol

    gucci gal: i will give feed back for sure in a week or two! and i do love it! the colour is perfect for fall winter! but if you ask me the material feels a bit more flimsy than mini mono... due to the fabric and stuff (i have never seen peeling on a mini mono before) hehe and i love HR too!! i got my burberry scarf today! its boucle, not cashmere! but it was only 100 bucks! plus i placed a hold for 2 beige earmuffs (one for me, one for my roomie :biggrin:)
  8. Congrats on the bag and scarf!!! :yahoo: :love:
  9. congratulation...!!!! ha ha since i got it with you LOL go congratulate me on my new groom Grooom Gro:huh:Oo:huh:OOO:huh:om agenda!!!!!! oh right u miss the part about the SA went to speak with other employees and the manager at holts about your situation. well i don't know if he really said something but after he said something to them they all turn and stare at your bag...LOL wahhahahhahahhaha
  10. :roflmfao:...That is soo funny! I imagined him trying to discreetly keep an eye on you and running to Holt to catch up with you in time!:sweatdrop:...while saying "I got to sell her a brand new Mini Lin Speedy!"
    Congrats on your lovely treats!
  11. Congrats.
  12. very nice!! congratS!!
  13. Ooooh congrats - I didn't know the SAs circulated between the two stores !
  14. hmmm...he must be getting a higher salary or something at holt lol....
  15. hehehe congrats!! :biggrin: