SA loyalty?

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  1. Hi! Just a question about customer etiquette... Does everyone stay with the same SA who served you the first time around?

    To explain: I bought a couple of wallets at a BV boutique a couple of months ago. The SA there called me yesterday to tell me about the BV pre-sale starting June 4, and she said if I dropped by beforehand, I could reserve some of the bags and then pay for them at sale prices. So of course I visited today but didn't see her, and bought a bag through SA #2. Then SA#1 showed up, remembered me and started to chat with me, when SA#2 interrupted and said I was buying the bag from her.

    I just feel bad because the SAs all seem to compete with each other to "help" a customer. Do they get paid a commission per sale? Was the appropriate thing for me to buy from SA#1?
  2. Most boutiques do pay based on commision, so I tend to stick to the same SA. Also, then they'll get to know you and what you like so they might let you know about special events and discounts (like the pre-sale). I wouldn't worry though, if I were you, cause it sounds like you only made one purchase with SA#1 anyway. Maybe just decide which of the two you like better and stick with her next time.
  3. In all likelihood they do get a commission. When I'm in a situation like that I usually tell whoever starts trying to help me that I'm there to see "insert regular SA/SA who called me's name here", and if they aren't there the person will help me knowing that it is for someone else. Or at Dior the manager handles it so there is no confusion over commission. The places I shop at usually know I'm a customer of a specific SA, and its funny to see the new people get ushered away when they try to help me before my regular gets the chance :roflmfao:
  4. At LV, i always like to deal with the 2 male SAs! They are just so much more helpful! Im not sure if they et commission in the UK, but those 2 do deserve it! If they are not available i wont buy anything! They just make the whole experience so much nicer!
  5. Berlyn, that's really funny! i guess the SAs carve out their own customer domains... it's really nice of you to specifically ask for the SA who helped you.

    maedchen, thanks for the tips! i think i will do as you said and just ask for the one i like better from now on... i'm obviously kinda new at this :smile: and a new customer at BV, so i'll try to be more aware.
  6. Yes, most of the boutiques work on commission.

    Now when it comes down to SAs, I like to work with the same one when possible. As a regular customer they should alert you to sales, new merchandise, presales, etc. I will only ask for one by name though if they make an effort with me - give me a business card, take my number to alert me to sales, call me during presales, etc. If they simple open a dressing room or ring up a purchase I don't feel like I need to patronize them since they didn't do anything special for me and didn't try to build up a sales relationship with me.

    I would probably go back to SA1 or SA2 next time, depending on who took better care of you and simple work with one person from now on - especially if one of them alerts you to some special promotion, sends a thank you, etc.

    If they are not in and you ask for them, many places will share comission if a second SA take's care of a regular customer but this if not always they case.
  7. I stay loyal to one because if there's any drama that might happen, then I'm most likely to get helped more by the SA that's helped me all along. Even when my SA isn't there, i tell the cashier to ring up my items under my SA.

    In your story, SA #1 kinda messed up becasue she should've put some items aside for you so that when you popped in, then people would know that SA #1 was helping you.

    I'd stick w/ the person that gives better service. I'm all about getting good customer service. :yes: