SA issue-am I mean??-sorry so long

  1. Oooohhh-I left Saks today sooo frustrated. My regular sa who was awesome left-I knew she was thinking about it. When I asked another sa if she was there I was told she left and then this sa gave me her card and said she would be happy to help me. That is all well and good-she has seen me there before and probably knows I drop most of my paycheck in that store:lol: So I walk off and wander into the chanel boutique and see this adorable male sa who helped me several months ago purchase a 2.55 reissue. I'm thinking now that my regular sa is gone I will have him help me...bit nooo. The other sa who gave me her card literally swooped in for the kill and would not leave me alone. The male sa was so nice and as I looked at chanels he gave me better advice and was just overall much more friendly and knowledgable. But this sa decided I was her victim and wouldn't let up. I'm wandering around the handbag dept trying to ditch her so I can ask adorable guy sa to help me. One time she saw me head back into chanel and I heard her literally hang up on someone and run after me!
    I'm so caught off guard that I don't say anything- I just have pushy sa try to locate a white caviar flap bag for me and I give her my cc info and leave. Sorry this is so long but I just felt so smothered and frustrated. Oh and get this--while she is finishing up with me one of her regular customers comes in and this sa actually loses me so fast to get to her other cust. I mean she was almost rude she dumped me so fast. AND this other cust was bringing in a return!!

    So now I am wondering if I bought what I really wanted or was I too smothered to really shop and make up my mind. It's a small Saks and this sa is AWAYS there. I'm thinking I should call male sa and tell him I would like his assistance in the future. Saks is an hour drive for me so it is not the easiest place to get to. I could even call male sa and have him help me over the phone in the future. Am I being mean or am I being too wimpy for not telling pushy sa to get lost?? Sorry this is so long but it is feels good to vent:lol:
  2. I think if you didn't like her, its because she was giving off a bad vibe. You're not being mean. Maybe next time you could say, sorry but he's really helped me in the past, I'm working with him. You're instinct was right, since she dumped you asap.
  3. No, I don't think you're being mean. You should be with the SA who makes you feel most comfortable and gives you the best advice!!!! Call the nice man and make sure you stay away from the mean lady!!
  4. NO! You are not being mean! You should definitely work with an SA that you really connect with and trust- not smothered! A good SA is worth their weight in gold- (it can change your entire shopping experience not to mention finding those hard to find items!), so you should feel comfortable telling the other lady to back off, you prefer working with him as you have done in the past. I would call him and tell him the situation, and let him advise you how to proceed. And if she continues to present a problem, go to her manager.
  5. I agree, if you don't like that lady, don't work with her. I don't like pushy SAs either. I would not buy from someone I wasn't comfortable with.
  6. You are not being mean. Shopping should be a fun and comfortable experience. Do not be bullied into buying anything or accepting "help" from someone you do not trust.
  7. You should go with the one you feel comfortable with, the male SA. You don't want to work with someone who sees you as a walking $ sign.

    It sounds to me like the gentleman was more in tune with you as a client than she was. You weren't rude and don't worry about hurting her feelings. She'll find her next "victim" soon enough.

    I am very fortunate that my contact for Chanel is also a friend of mine. If she ever leaves, I'll be lost!
  8. wow-Were you at my Saks in PA??!!!
    Sounds like what I always go thru...until I finally put my foot down !!and told the SA to BACK OFF! LOL!
    I have a regular SA now that I love!!
  9. Perhaps you could find out adorable guy SA's name, and the next time you go when you're sure they're both there, and annoying SA approaches you, tell her you're here to see 'adorable SA's name'. That would be a direct, but not rude way of telling her to back off.
  10. Don't work with the one you don't like. You should NEVER be smothered during YOUR shopping experience. I'd be sure to call that nice SA that you WANTED to work with and ask him for his normal schedule. That way you can be sure to go when he's around, even call ahead of time to make sure he's there. Then when he's there, you can tell the other SA thanks for the offer of help, but that you're actually here to see the one you like--don't say that "exactly" but you know what I mean. What else can she say to that? Nothing.
  11. Thanks guys! I just miss my old sa:sad: She made things materialize outta thin air!! All I had to do was ask for a particular bag and *poof* there it was!! I also want to enjoy my shopping experience. I know it's all about the $$ for these SAs but dang it- I at least want to have an enjoyable conversation and experience:lol: Besides, I think male sa truly has an appreciation for chanel. He is so full of trivia tidbits and you can tell he enjoys talking about the products.
  12. You should enjoy your shopping experience. If you are uncomfortable with an SA's "style" you should not feel compelled to deal with that particular SA. The next time you go in Saks and this undesirable SA approaches you be honest. Say politely you would prefer to have the other SA assist you.
  13. It's your money- you have the right as a customer to work with any sa you want. The guy sounds great!
  14. You are the customer. You are spending the money. She doesnt get to decide who you deal with. You need to tell HER that you appreciate her help but you are going to work with the SA you are familiar with. Its important that you tell both SAs this so that he doesnt end up helping you and she insists on getting the credit.
    Good luck
  15. Definitely not mean!

    Sometimes I find other SAs (that I dont deal with in a regular basis) just annoy me to no end so I just leave and come back later when I dont see them.