SA in LV YD mall...

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  1. Does anyone notice that man who works at LV in YD mall always has his 'nose up in the air'???? Everytime I go in there, gives me weird/rude looks and brushes me off. Hello..! I'm trying to choose and BUY a purse and he always tells me the price in a voice as if I wouldn't be able to afford it!! PLEASE! I just purchased a 2K Gucci, so I THINK I'm okay drop money on a speedy!!!!!!
    Or does he only discriminate based on your age range....I'm in my mid 20's. I try to ignore him everytime I go in and try to buy something, but he gives me PIERCING stares when he sees me!!!
    Anyone else know what I'm talking about!! Is he the manager? I HOPE NOT!
  2. omg how rude... :yucky:
  3. the SA btw not you diorgrl :smile:
  4. LOL I know! He thinks he created LV....:roflmfao:
  5. Some SAs are so rude.
  6. his a$$ should get fired out of there
  7. I would not be quick to judge ,, some people give a certain look without knowing. It's fine. He's probably always like this. Plus u shouldn't care what look he gives u. U r buying the bag for yourself and it does not matter if walk in all dressed up or in Ur PJs. U gotta have confidence thats all ;)
  8. I agree.
    BTW, it's not a good idea to specify the store and trying to figure out who the guy is with people on the Internet. Talking bad about somebody on a forum is:nogood:, especially since he may well be a bag lover and be on this forum too. If you have a problem with him, talk to his supervisor, the store manager or straight to him in person, because talking behind mgiht get you into serious trouble with the law... Trust me.:yes:
  9. Some people pass judgement just because of age. I am in my mid 20's as well, so I KNOW how you feel! Just ignore him! Also, please NO ONE take this wrong, but there are a lot of foreign SA's... foreigners have a little bit different attitude then others. They see things differently...

    I like to think about myself as a very nice girl, but sometimes I sound and come across snotty! Does that make sense? When in NO way do I mean to be rude...
  10. Hmm....actually I'm a super nice person, and I don't deserve to be treated rudely by anyone. It's not only 'looks' that I get, I've had actual conversations with him and he's been rude to me and then nice and helpful to the person beside me.

  12. ^^^ ITA! :yes:

    Just report this to the store manager and put it behind you. Don't let one person's actions bring your day down or ruin your shopping experience.
  14. Thanks for understanding! Yes, I'll put it behind me and continue my shopping...:p
  15. Couldn't agree more.