SA in Atl Boutique

  1. Living in Augusta(2 hours from the closest LV), its kind of hard to visit one on a regular basis. Does anyone go to the Atlanta LV often or at least regularly? Can you reccomend an SA for me? I dont really care if its a guy or a girl, I just need a friendly one. I went in there an earlier time looking for a wallet and the guy totally just ignored me. I was like.. excuse me-I'm looking for a wallet. He showed me like two and went on to help someone else. I was like thanks.... Anyways-reccomendations? Thanks!;)
  2. HI drewcouture,

    Yesterday I bought an LV bag from the ATL boutique and my SA was Shane. He was very friendly and patient with me. I had visited the boutique numerous times before and he was always patient and kind, even when he knew I was just looking and had no intentions of purchasing. I would definitely use him again.
  3. Thanks! I'm really hoping that I can start making the trip there at least like once a month and I need an SA that isn't rude because I'm not spending 10k and I'm just wasting his/her time.
  4. Last summer I spent about an hour picking out my Batignolles Horizontal at the ATL store. Claude, the SA who helped me, had the patience of a saint - he must have pulled out at least a dozen different bags for me to try. I think he was from the shoe section, but he was great with bags.