SA help

  1. I'm going to the Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey in March. They have a Chanel boutique and a Saks AND a NM! But how do you tpfers have such personal relationships with your SAs? I suppose it's because you all buy Chanel's like all the time. So I guess what I'm asking is.... how do I go about getting to really know the SAs?
  2. when I met one I liked I was naturally friendlier w/ her, and him ;)
    I inquired about trunk shows and asked to be called. . . .
    and I gave her all my business. She noticed and now we have rapport.
  3. I use JULIA at the Chanel in SHort Hills Mall.She is VERY nice and calls me when stuff comes in.
    SJUNKY also uses a girl named NAOMI there and loves her.