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  1. I really need your is my dilemma..the first time I ordered H online I used SA1..she was very helpful and got my items sent out in a timely fashion..thereafter I called SA1 for more info on another item ..she promised to research it for me and send pics in an email that day..a few days passed ( like 6 ) but I wasn't worried because I had moved on to another item. I called back on another day and I was told SA1 was on vacation for a few I used SA2..SA2 was extremely helpful and sent my items, searched for my items and generally did everything I asked..Subsequently SA1 returned, I figured I should probably stick with SA1 because she was the one that originally helped me..but again she promised to send me pics and no while SA1 is pretty good while I'm talking to her on the phone.. I feel like I kind of prefer SA2...So should I just deal with SA2 from now on? Would that be wrong? I believe the branch I call is rather do you think that would cause a problem..I really need advice..Thanks so much:confused1::confused1:
  2. Yes, stick with SA2. Don't worry about it. Remember you're the customer so ultimately it's your happiness that really counts.:yes:
  3. Just go ahead and use SA2. I think she's doing all the work, sending you the info and actually following up on your requests!
    Action speaks louder than words and SA2 sounds really helpful and as a customer, you do have a choice.
    Plus you mentioned that you preferred it's obvious.. ;)
  4. Stick with SA2 and get her email address, they all have individual emails and ask her when is a good time to call if you need to call. And you won't be confronted with having SA1 picking up the phone, hehe. Good Luck!

    But I wouldn't avoid SA1, you never know who is quitting to move on to greener pastures. Remember, never burn bridges. Just understand with whom you can ask to do what for you, KWIM?
  5. I agree with the ladies, stick with SA2!
  6. my Vote is for SA2. If SA1 gets upset, what will she do? Tell the manager she did not help the customer like she was supposed to.
  7. Sounds like your relationship with both are still in the early stage, so now would be a good time to deal more with SA2, keeping friendly with SA1.
  8. i agree....i've had a similar situation, and it worked out fine. go with SA2.
  9. you've gotten great advice here. nothing to add.
  10. Thanks everyone.. I really appreciate your input.. SA1 just sent me the new scarf book for s/s 07..:shame: but I still prefer SA 2.. I believe SA2 is the manager..I feel so bad..because I really like SA1 but I prefer to work with SA2..
    Thank you so much everyone!!