SA gifts

  1. I have used the same SA @ BalNY for years and I would like to get her a gift. Does anyone know their store policies on gifts from customers? Any ideas?
  2. Is this common practice? I would think their Commission is enough.Not to sound cheap. It's a very nice gesture.
  3. Shoegal I think it's a wonderful gesture. As long as it's not against their rules. I dont think it is. It's not really benefiting you by giving them a gift. Financial Services have rules that you can't give a gift over a certain amount. I think if you got her a little something under 50 or 100 bucks, you should be ok.
  4. Great points Z&J.

    I don't know the store policies, however perhaps contacting the store manager Leslie Daly or the business office may help to provide an answer.
  5. I usually buy certain service people small gifts during the holidays, but my SA usually goes above and beyond for me. I've worked retail before and the hours were horrendous and my feet!!!!! It won't be anything extravagant - just to say I appreciate what you do for me:flowers:
  6. I would do what Layla said and call up the manager and ask what protocol is for that.
  7. How about sending her a nice floral arrangement with a note about how much you appreciate her service? Its always great to receive flowers :yes:
  8. Thats a great idea!
  9. Chocolates?
  10. What about a gift card to a restaurant w/ a nice note?
  11. flowers are a nice gesture! :smile:
  12. I was thinking flowers too, with a nice card saying "thank you for all you have done, your kindness is so appreciated."
  13. flowers or chocolates are great
  14. 0o0o flowers would be nice...
  15. this is what i would do. and this is what i would appreciate, too.