SA From Local Boutique Called about PCE

  1. I buy from my local boutique and the outlets. I did get the new PCE in the mail but I also got a call from a SA at my local boutique. He wanted to let me know about the Preferred Customer Event and invited me to come to the salon to receive the 25 % discount.:yahoo:
  2. Cool, this is for March right?
  3. No this one is Feb. 16 - Feb. 24.
  4. Can we only use this PCE one time only, or can we keep using it between 2/16 - 2/24? The one from December (that ran thru 'til 12/29) was usable multiple days.

    I tried to use mine today, not realizing it didn't start 'til tomorrow. DUH ... but the SA had me write down my info to set aside everything I picked out, and I can go back tomorrow to pay for everything. She also took my card and didn't give it back! She stapled it to the form I filled out!

    I'm a little miffed about that - she was really aggressive. I almost want to go back and say forget it, and get my card back and shop at another store.
  5. My SA said they are going to be strict with this PCE.
  6. I don't know. My SA said just come on in for the discount. I did say I know about the PCE because I got a card in the mail. He said just said o.k. :wlae:
  7. I'm pretty excited.. today I was suppose to get a call from an SA since I hadn't been receiving the catalogs or any PCE's ever since I have made purchases from that particular COACH store... the SA that helped me the last time I was in the store told me that I would "for sure" get a PCE this time around... so I call today since they said if I didn't hear from them by today to call them... and sure enough, I'll be getting the PCE for this event as well as March! I'm super excited but wasn't planning on buying a lot of stuff since I'm waiting for a lot of the new items to come out in March... :yahoo:
  8. YAY Coachgirl!! Are you getting your Lily??? Let me know what you are getting ASAP!
  9. haha ash, wanna know the messed up thing? when i called my coach store like last week, they said they had the camel lily in... yesterday when i talked to an SA about getting my PCE, now they said that they are all SOLD out! i was soooo bummed... cuz now i'm not gonna be able to see it IRL... i'm going into the COACH store this weekend to check out what i'm gonna get... i have to look at the miranda (i think thats the one) in the camel instead because supposedly thats the exact same color as the lily... i hope maybe they will have a black lily so i can see it for size or something... otherwise i'm not sure if i'm gonna get a lily if i can't see it IRL... i need to HOLD it!! haha... i'm actually thinkin about getting a large carly! i'm not too much of a shoulder bag gal, but i wouldn't mind one because i've been wanting one forever! :yes: