SA from Chloe Boutique says LVR is not....

I wouldn't worry about it...the Hogan stores did not know that Styledrops was an authorized Hogan seller, but every bag I have gotten is identical in detail, interior, etc. to the bags that I buy directly from Hogan...and sometimes they just don't want you going somewhere less expensive for their business. Especially when they work on commission. I have NO doubt as to the authenticity of the bag I received. And I just had one from an authorized Chloe dealer to compare it with. Don't worry!
Probably trying to scare you into buying only from Chloe :P Seriously though, members have posted photos of paddys ordered from LVR, and they look to be authentic. Had this SA even heard of LVR?
nawth21 said:
An SA actually told me that you cannot get authentic bags on eBay :lol:

I once had a Coach SA tell me the same thing. And I sell MY authentic Coach bags on eBay when I decide I won't carry them I would take that with a HUGE grain of salt! I am probably the most paranoid person here, and I inspect the HELL out of my bags, and the bag that I just from LVR is JUST like the one I got from Ron Herman (on referral FROM Chloe directly).
Well I was on the wait list for a Whiskey Paddy, so they called to inform me that they were in...I politely said, no thank you, I've ordered it somewhere else....long story short I told her how much I've saved by going elsewhere, and she immediately told me that I probably ordered a fake...and that net-a-porter is the only authorized dealer on line, except BF, NM...etc.

Getting it at Chloe, would have cost me $1647 the way, starting today, they retail at $1540, not $1480, according to the same SA...

You guys wanna call her?? 212-717-8220
Yup I have no doubts. Of all the people that have bought from LVR, no one has raised suspicions about them being fake. And fake paddys are still pretty obvious. Speaking of LVR, Finally heard back from them :weird: Once they get my return they'll send out the exchange. Now if only the return would get out of the dreaded 'shipment exception, regulatory agency clearance delay' :wacko:
You know people who propagate lies and rumors should get a "talking to" from their supervisors.

Whether you buy Chloe from a Chloe boutique, NAP, Nordies, Neiman's, Ron Herman, LVR - who cares, you are supporting the brand - I can't understand being "greedy" about where it is being bought??? :blink:

You like to think that a Chloe boutique would be the most objective place to go for information about the brand - it is too bad that there are SA's who would actually hurt the brand.