SA from Canada

  1. Hi, anyone knows a good SA from Canada? I'm living in NS where no Chanel boutique around :tdown:
  2. Is there any SA that will send photos & prices via e-mail? At least I want to know what's in stock @Boutique in Canada...I'm worry about the duty if I get one from the states. I would rather pay 14% tax here :crybaby:

    I've send e-mail to Chanel & they said they re-directed to Chanel Canada. Now, it's been 5 days & still no reply. :cursing:
  3. try emiko at the bloor st. boutique. i remember her telling me that she does send pictures to her clients. she's quite good and patient and calls back when she says she would...she works everyday, except for tuesday.

    good luck.
  4. Bloor St. Toronto, Carol 416-925-2577

    Holt Renfrew Boutique Toronto, Scott 416-964-1085

    Holt Renfrew Boutique Montreal, Gloria 514-842-5111 ex281

    Good Luck!!!
  5. Try Saky in Vancouver Hasting Street Chanel store!
    She is a nice Sales!!
  6. I agree... Carol at Bloor St. Toronto... 416-925-2577!
  7. Holt Renfrew Bloor had the most horrid C/S i have ever encountered.
  8. I totally agree. I was treated like trash there. Even though i had every intention of buying a reissue. :tdown:

    I recommend Carol as well. Emiko's nice too.

    I dont think scott is working in holts anymore.
  9. i would recommend emiko as well! i was just there on Friday looking for my first flap! and even thought i left undecided, she was still really patient and gave me her card so I could call with questions, etc.
    I also agree that the Holt's Chanel ppl so far have not impressed me -- besides lacking in knowledge, i practically have to beg for help there!
  10. A quick thanks to everyone.