SA Friend?

  1. Would you buy from your friend who is a SA at a high end store and is best friends with a manager at Chanel, so you could probably get a bag that has a waiting list--no discount from your friend is involved. Your friend would get the sale added to her reg. commission. But the friend kind of has a attitude about you buying expensive things and makes some comments about it.
    It is much easier for me to ask her to buy then go to the store she works at in NY. She is more than willing to pick me up anything I need from her store and has done so in the past but makes comments on bags....

    Now I still have a few friends in Florida I can ask to check on things but I have had some bad experiences with packages sent in the mail being damaged. I know it is not their fault.
  2. I am surprised your friend makes comments about buying expensive things, yet she works in a high end boutique:confused1:

    I personally would still probably buy from her if she could get me the hard to find bags of the moment. Have you ever said anything to her or asked her why she makes comments?

    I hate when people comment on my purchases. Everybody has their "loves" in life whether its shoes, purses or traveling or golf clubs or whatever! Who cares as long as it makes the person happy right? :yes:
  3. I would...but I'd prob get her a small gift every once in a while to show my appreciation..Hopefully she would stop making her comments....!
  4. If shes really my friend Id just call her on it and be like...whats up with that?
    Its your money and you can spend it any way you like without someones opinions dampening your mood or high on a new purchase.
    Either way if you get it from somewhere else she'll still see you having it and make least you get first dibs on waiting lists.
  5. She is a wonderful person and like a sister to me, I always buy her things--usually decorating stuff for her home. We share the same taste in everything. She likes to spend money on furniture and art and before it was unique jewelry (till she wanted to redecorate). I can buy anything and it is no problem, just buying a expensive bag gets the comments. It is not like I have a lot of them. I just sold 2 LV bags that I never was wearing to a relative and am using the money to go towards a Chanel. Maybe this is just her way of teasing me.
  6. 'Friends' shouldn't be making comments everytime. . . but if my 'friend' was and the item was the same price no matter what, I'd buy it elsewhere.
    I don't need drama.
  7. I prefer "drama free" too
  8. I would prefer drama free too. Hey she's making a COMMISSION and you are paying full price. I say find another sales associate.
  9. Yeah, I don't think "friends" should make you feel slighted in any way. Especially since your purchases help pay her bills.
  10. Well...Does your friend know that these comments bother you? She could be jealous you know...Ask her..:confused1:
  11. When I worked at NM, I bought so much stuff for friends... but it does take a toll when you feel like the store is questioning how you can spend so much more then your salary. May not be the case for this situation since your not getting a discount but just try to think about it from her side.
  12. ITA.
  13. Grace, you're lucky you weren't fired.
    NM watches purchases from employees very carefully.
    My good friend was an Exec there, in the main Dallas historic NM and only about twice a year was she willing to get me something and usually NM offered a friends/family event during those times.
    She knew a lot of SA's let go for stuff like that :shocked:
  14. She is not buying it for me in any way, she would just place the order in my name and my credit card with Chanel and she would get the sales on her number---so it almost like I am calling direct but since she is best friends with the Chanel manager I might have more of a chance in getting a bag I want.
  15. :yes: we understand. . . but you wouldn't get any lip service if you paid the same amount of $ and used someone else.