SA forgeting to enter my name when i payed

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  1. today i went to coach to use my 25% discount and it was hectic and busy. so i payed for everything then when i got home i looked at the receipt and realized they forgot to enter my name. should i go back next time and tell them? or can i do it by phone?
  2. I'd go back to the store and tell them...They track your purchases at the store..I called Coach a few months ago to inquire about how you get selected for a coupon and they said when you purchase online it's not tracked...But at the store it is...But your name has to be associated with the sale EVERY time....wierd..I used to buy stuff online from Coach but I don't anymore...I'll go to the store and order it and then I don't have to pay shipping as long as it's sent to the store..Plus my purchase is tracked that way...Now THIS time I got the coupon!! :heart: Emmy
  3. did you use a CC? sometimes they get the information from there. i hate though that they always spell my last name wrong!
  4. ^ nope i have an account there under my name but on saturday i went with my mom for the event and she payed with her cc. we usually just put everything we buy under my name and it hasnt been a problem in what method we pay. we've gone together and we've paid with her cc all the time and this is the first time this has happened and i gotta admit that its a little fustrating.