SA Favorites

  1. I would like to start a thread to learn if any of you have had SAs steer you towards or away certain leathers or items. I've had several SAs due to moving around the US since I began my affair with Hermes and it seems that each one will politely steer me towards certain pieces and leathers and away from certain things.

    I'd love to hear if any others have had this happen.

    I've been nudged towards Togo and Box. Togo for the "holding of shape while soft to the touch and wonderfully scented. Also its durability and good wear in almost all conditions". Of course Box is obvious, the reconditioning that is obtained even years later and its patina. And Barenia seems to be a common favorite of Hermes staff.

    Several SAs have grimaced at Swift, saying it is too soft/slouchy (which of course some love) and also that it will show wear sooner than others.

    All SAs have always loved Croc! I guess that is an easy one.

    Some SAs seem to adore the enamel bracelets while others have told me that they are much too frail.
  2. EXCELLENT thread gazoo. really terrific. i hope some day to contribute. lol
  3. Gazoo, An SA of mine is seriously steering me towards the 'verboten' (for me anyway) Barenia/Toile Birkin. I've been pretty confident about my likes and dislikes. I'll try on the newest styles for fun, but, I tend to stick to the classics. I'm a preppy at heart, I suppose.

    A couple of my SA's forget that I have a serious aversion to Exotics of any kind...I know, I know...but I have a 'thing' about reptiles. They tease me about it. I like the way Ostrich looks, but, I cannot deal with it's texture.
  4. I have had SAs point me to watches,and scarves,I have also had phone calls for watches.Also Bolides
  5. I did have one SA recently tell me that he loves tricolor bags because you rarely see them. Another at another boutique is "so over" the Birkin and really prefers the Kelly. Another SA back east called a black togo 35cm a "schlepper" bag LOL! Now that last one is bound to offend someone! Same SA also doesn't like vibrato as he told me it was discontinued, something we all have found is not the case!
  6. Some of my SAs do not like Swift or Epsom. A number HATE Ostrich.

    All Love Chevre and the natural leathers

    Most of them are scarfies....

    All of them are fans of the Horn stuff that has been out over the last few seasons.

    All seem to like Chartreuse and Etoupe.
  7. A fav accessory...the CDC bracelet...

    Massai and Evelyne as best H "values"...

    More interest in Birkin and Kelly than Bolide...

    Local customers prefer Birkin in 35 and Kelly in 32...

    Almost as many customer Bolide as Kelly requests...
  8. Most of mine do NOT like Togo as they say it's too common. And I've yet to find one who likes Swift or Epsom.

    Universal love for the goat.

    Definite Kelly over Birkin preferences.

    And boy, do I get pushed toward clutches: every style, every color.
  9. wowza, GK -- will you look at that pretty red drag bag in your avi!!! i can't imagine how i never noticed THAT stunner before. yummy!

  10. LOL EMNH!! I am the same about exotics! I thought I was the only one! I have a phobia of reptiles and the thought of my bag being one gives me the shivers!

    It seems I am always being steered toward the Evelyne. I've had more than one SA push me towards it.
  11. This is a REALLY GOOD thread Gazoo!!

    Since you have changed SA's within the US, do you find that East Coast SA's steer you toward different items than West Coast SA's and all the states in btw....I guess I'm wondering if SA's sell so many TYPES of one bag, that they may be tired of seeing certain ones around, and all have a personal preference?

    Also, do you find your SA's know you and listen to you and just guide YOU and not by what they like?

    Just interesting questions for me to think about and learn....TIA:smile:
  12. Great thread.

    Always being nudged towards box. And smaller sizes. One of the SAs thought a birkin 35 is real unlady-like.

    Why the general SA distaste for swift? I really like the look of it and it seems a popular choice of tPFers'.

  13. I've been really luck with SAs. The majority have listened to what I say and have gotten to know me by my tastes (what I say AND what I wear; colors I gravitate towards). I see definite personal likes in each SA. I've had several comment that I should carry more colorful accessories, because honestly I always pick black which can seem boring I guess. The really favorites are the ones that offer me items based on what would go with my wardrobe and coloring. I just love when they do that!

    I know that all SAs seem tired of the "Birkin hunters" and they all prefer the Kelly over the Birkin. Several SAs I've encountered just adore the Bolide and have nudged me towards it, saying that it is based on my lifestyle (mother of young children), and how functional the shoulder strap is.

    I really think once one puts the initial effort of sticking to a specific SA, one is rewarded with the thoughtful personal consideration that is the Hermes service. Whereas if you flit between SAs you get more random suggestions, that seem like their own personal wants. I hope I am making sense.
  14. Thanks, GAZOO!! :yes: I liked a bolide I've seen recently, too, and will be putting that and a massai on my wish list. I am waiting till the second half of the year to decide which will come first....really wanted something for the shoulder? Will get DH's input next month.

    Happy that you have found such wonderful SAs, but that is probably b/c YOU ARE A WONDERFUL Hermes connoiseur!:smile: