SA Expectations

  1. I have a few general questions for all of the wonderful Hermes regulars/experts:

    How much do SAs expect a client to purchase from them? And how frequently? Do your SAs present bags, accessories, etc. to you (that you're not interested in and have never inquired about) and then expect you to purchase them?

    And do you find that your SAs expect you to refer friends and colleagues?
  2. I don't think my SA expects me to buy anything from her. She calls me to let me know when she finds something I am looking for but she never calls me out of the blue saying I have a bag you might like in the hopes that I will buy it.
  3. Exactly. Mine knows my taste now after working with me for a little while. In fact when I walked in yesterday to return the blue color way of the Caleche Elastique, he looked at me and said, "What were you thinking? This isn't you..." So, he doesn't push anything and when he shows me something (scarf, small leather goods) it's usually something I would ask to look at anyway. I don't necessarily buy something every time I go (although it does sound like it....hmmmmm) and he knows that.

    Also, I find that if you do start up a relationship with a particular SA that you like, and you do purchase something (even a little thing) it always helps to send a little TKU note. Nothing gushy, just a simple "thank you for your help the other day. I love my ______." kinda thing. This really helps keep you in their mind.

    In all the time I've been going into my local H store, my SA has only called me once when a Kelly came in he thought I'd like to see. And then I bought a DIFFERENT one!!!!!
  4. ^^^ Ditto. The more you "visit" them, the more they get to know you and will work to help you out. Mine will save a couple of things that I may like if I'm going to be in but I'm never pressured to buy anything.
  5. Thank you dianagrace, shopmom and Greentea for your posts. This subforum is wonderful. I have learned so much from all of the ladies here, and I think my collection is off to a wonderful start. Thanks!

    I feel like I've established a great foundation with my SA. I've purchased a number of pieces in a relatively short period of time, and my SA is definitely "aware" of me (in a good way -- at least I hope). I did the thank you note early on, and I've been satisfied with my experiences thus far.

    Perhaps I'm just projecting a bit on to the situation. I've felt slightly pressured of late to refer others to my SA, and I've felt pressured to buy when I wasn't interested. I always buy when I go into the boutique, so it's not like I'm wasting my SAs time. I know what I like, and I'm a focused buyer, although at the same time I'm very open to suggestions. I don't want to feel obligated to jump on every item that is presented to me though. And I don't want to feel like my SA is disappointed in me when I decide to pass on a suggested item.

    Not much can compare to the quality of Hermes, and I hope to build a serious collection. I just wish there weren't so many mind games involved.
  6. Tough question. I think my answer is going to be different from the majority here. The stores know what my preference is, but I don't always get calls. I would get calls for all kinds of things yet there would be times when I would NOT get calls for something they know I'd like and that is available. Case in point, they know I like fuchsia exotics but most of the time I only find out about availability of fuchsia exotic items through this forum ... The weird thing is I would get occasional calls about things that I don't care for, but they KNOW what I like since I've bought quite a lot of stuff.

    As for expecting to buy stuff, I feel that way whenever I walk into the store ... Regardless of whom I deal with, I can feel a slight change in feeling or vibe when I decline something. Thsi is one of the reasons I prefer doing phone purchases, I won't feel the vibe as much when I decline. I'm still trying to figure out how this all works. For me, it is a bit like dating and trying to understand the other half sometimes, except I hate mindgames and I'm no good at it:lol: . I think my experience is just a fluke, a glitch in the Matrix so to speak, considering how most ladies have had wonderful and relaxing experience:flowers: .
  7. my manager knows exactly what i like and what fits my wardrobe he calls whenever he gets in anything (even though he knows i won´t like it) just to let me know and keep me informed. but i do not have to buy anything at all he knows if the right thing comes i drop the cash in a nanosecond but if not that is totally fine with him. his attitude is "i better sell her what she truly loves for the end of her days then selling her things she hates and she changes the boutique within one year"
  8. ^^^Darn straight, lilach! hehe!