Sa Etiquette

  1. so, when i called Hermes in NYC about the price and colour availability of a Jige since i thought they'd have more stock there, i also asked, "could i order a certain kind if its not already available?" to which i got the response "oh, i'm sorry, we don't do special orders. only what we have available. we could call around and see if any other stores might have it." blah blah blah.
    the issue i'm bringing up here is--- how do you inform your SA that you aren't stupid? how do you say, "um, well, actually i know several people on the Purse Forum who are placing orderings for things left and right, so don't bullsh*t me, please."
    i mean, yes, we all know there is a caste system with Hermes clients, but the initial layer is supposedly very "diplomatic". if i walked into Louis Vuitton and asked to order a Damier luggage set or Goyard to order a coffin made out of Chevron, i'm sure i'd have more chance of a friendly, "sure- not a problem" than i would Hermes accomodating my request for a Jige in Vert Fonce.:cursing:
    Sorry, i'm irritable.
  2. lol. when i saw your subject title my first response was:
    SA etiquette - they should always be polite.

    but i see your problem is more... SA honesty or some such. try going the samantha route (satc) and say it's for a famous client.
    but actually, i like your suggestions: "Don't bullsh*t me, please."
  3. Croissant, I don't know the answer, but, could it be that they so seldom get requests for Jige SOs that your question just kind of surprised the SA?

    Then, again, they probably get general inquiries like this ( for the Birkin & Kellys ) all the time and maybe that was her stock answer.

    Anyway, I always ask my SA to please call around for me, IF it is a piece I would dearly love to have. Why not give that a try? She did offer to do it.
  4. Hey Croissant, are the pf'ers who are placing orders in NYC or regular customers there?- just trying to gather some info. so I can help you...
  5. Ella, I definitely know where you are coming from! That's why my next purchase is going to be from Goyard...such fabulous customer service. Heehee they actually want your business...imagine that! ;)
    LOL@ the Goyard coffin...I bet they would!
  6. Hey Croissant I know what you mean. Most of us walk on pins and needles around Hermes SAs. I think that SA just gave you the "pat answer." Maybe you should tell her that you are a frequent purchaser, know you H info and want a particular color, otherwise, talk to your at home SA.
  7. Have them do the search, Croissant. Doesn't hurt and it's quite possible they may find just the thing you're wanting!
  8. :yes: I would definitely have them do a search. I'm pretty sure they can look it up and see what stores have what. My SA was nice enough to do a search for me (but the bag I was looking for was currently sold out in the color I was looking for :crybaby: )
  9. Oooo ... I promise to stay out of trouble, so I won't address your post directly, Croissant. All I want to say here, is that every H store has its own practice, and there is no "blanket-all". Some stores have SAs who openly invite customers to place SOs. Others (the majority actually) reserve their SO quotas for their VVIPs.
  10. I think as far as SAs anywhere are concerned, the saying holds true that you can catch more flies with a spoonful of honey than a gallon of gall. These SAs do as Sus said give the pat answer. Especially for strangers with phone inquiries.

    You'll have much better luck the normal route by visiting in person and cultivating a friendly working relationship with an SA. If you need to place an order, particularly for a non-Birkin, non-Kelly item, that should be easier to accomplish with an SA at your local store.

    It wasn't until the second time I visited NY that I was offered several birkins from the back, and I still haven't discussed special orders with them. But in London I was able to get my name in for a bag on my first visit. It really just depends. But it always best to show up in person, and being nice and understanding of 'the System' goes a long long way.
  11. Well said, gina b! I think they do appreciate consistency and sincerity.
  12. You are absoultely right to be upset! Hermes can special order for almost EVERYTHING! It does not matter how small of item you want to order. I've ordered FROM as small as croc. bracelat, croc belt, shoes (that were not available in certain color at the stock) TO multiple croc. Birkins, furs..etc.!!! Hermes DOES special orders:mad: !!!!!!
  13. gina b said it perfectly. It's unfortunate, but true. You just kind of have to go with the flow, respect the system and most importantly, keep your mouth shut with regard to what you'd LIKE to say.

    To give you a particularly annoying example: I've been told more than once by different SA's in my local store (on a day that my normal SA wasn't in) that they don't do ANY special orders for anyone - ever. Um....this is in a store where I presently have 2 SO's in currently - LOL. I so very badly wanted to say "Who the heck do you think you're kidding? Cut the b%$%&&*t."

    But I didn't. Smiled sweetly, said thank you and went outside and screamed.:p
  14. I think one has to charm ones way into a SO, much easier done in person than over the phone. My advice is to establish a relationship with an SA first. The NYC SAs are really sweet and one they get to know you, they will put that SO in for you.
  15. Yeah...I don't agree with this theory at all! I mean...sure...they have a "system"...a system to drive you CRAZY!! But, why work so hard to confuse people? This doesn't make purchasing from Hermes fun, or even 'special'. It makes it frustrating! The two most important things in retail are 1. Know your product (and, hopefully, those SA's KNOW what they are selling :smile: and 2. Be consistent. This one was, for me, the most essential part of working in a large retail environment. Yes, Hermes is more of a boutique than a chain..but, it's international and has more than 1 location! In such circumstances, the store MUST be consistent! How else do you avoid making customers upset? Without consistancy, you can have one person getting better service and opportunities, and another being told that what they want isn't allowed (when they KNOW the store has done that very same thing for several other people!).

    It makes me mad and lessens my respect for the company. A great deal of my affection for Hermes is slipping the more I read comment here. I truly hope for better actual experiences in person.