SA Etiquette


Jan 16, 2008
I met the BEST SA last week at LV! She and I really hit it off and had such a fun time chatting about the bags and retired pieces, just all sorts of stuff, she's really a fun lady to talk to. She was by far the most helpful SA I've ever had before too. So I read alot about other people on here who only shop with one SA, is that the norm? I live 2 hours away from my LV, so should I call ahead and make sure she's working before I go in to shop? I plan on buying another LV piece on Thursday and I wanted to shop with her help again, and I also don't want to offend her by shopping with another SA.

Nov 12, 2007
That is good to know. I've only had one LV SA to be awesome and that was Audra @ LV Chicago. (She doesn't work there anymore.) Since then my LV purchases haven't been the same.:girlsigh:

Glad you had a wonderful experience and to answer your question: yes, I would call to make sure she is going to be there and ONLY purchase from her.:yes:


Jul 20, 2009
I would stick with Selena as you have such a good rapport with her. I like to call ahead check on the work schedule of my SA as I'm much more relaxed when I try things on or just to ask questions. Of course I tend to visit when they are not busy.

Since you live far away, you could also give her your CC so she can ring it through and then come at your conveniece to pick it up. I've done that with my sa.


Jan 16, 2008
Oh LV Chicago... I had an awesome SA there once, and haven't seen her since... well I probably just keep missing her since I'm only there 3-4 times a year lol.

But thank you for the tips for my SA, I figured that's what I should do! :smile:


Aug 9, 2009
Kind of speaking LV Chicago, I had the BEST SA there (the store on Michigan). But I got a TY card from a DIFFERENT SA, thanking me for my purchase of X and Y, which I made with HIM. She also wrote how much she enjoyed meeting me and helping me choose X and Y, that they have new things she wants to show me. LOL!
Jul 10, 2007
I shop with whoever helps me first. There is only one SA I don't care for in the closest store, and thankfully she is always busy with Spanish speaking customers.

If I'm going to be near my favorite store, which is 1.5 hours away, I will call to find out if they have what I'm looking for. I have a preferred SA in that store, but I wouldn't NOT go if she wasn't there. I'm more interested in the product than who is showing it to me.


Jan 22, 2010
Los Angeles
I like buying from my SA. I actually always call before I go in just because I love my SA. She is always so nice and friendly, and she makes me feel like I made the best choice possible. Also, she is pretty honest, and talks me out of some pieces that I am on the fence about because she knows bad things about them. For example, I was thinking about the Eden Neo, but she told me that she knew I wouldn't like it when the vachetta gets dark. She also gets me the pieces that I want, and if possible shows me new things early (like my Artsy!). Plus, the perrier always helps :biggrin:


designer diva
Dec 20, 2009
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I have 2 SAs that I work with; one at a LV boutique and the other at Neiman Marcus. Both are FABulous ladies and take very good care of me. When I know that I'm going into either store, I always call ahead to see if they are working. If not, then I don't go.

Damier Dork

Jan 15, 2010
New York
I'm extremely loyal to my SA's, if there's something that I want I try to let them know as soon as possible and they'll set it aside for me when it comes in. I try to visit them every month and chit chat and see what's going on.